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Sherry Kandle
Ridgeview Way
Boise, ID
City’s Website Security: I’m calling because last Tuesday I signed up for a class in the Parks
and Recreation Department online. You guys have an unsecure website so when I put my
credit card number in there something on your web page grabbed it, used my credit card for a
$400 charge on and I’ve had to cancel my credit card. I just thought you
guys need to be aware that if you’re offering online payments that you need a little more security
than what you’re providing.
IT, Parks & Rec

Kirby Widdicombe
N. 24th St.
Boise, ID
Fire Hazard: I’m calling in regard to the property at 2412 W. Smith, off the corner of 24th and
Smith. I called on this property once before. It is a fire hazard; it has been a fire hazard. I was
told when I spoke to the young lady before that a compliance officer would be sent out to take a
look at it. I have never heard anything back and it has been nearly a month. This property has
weeds that are waist high and a fairly large dead tree. It has been on the real estate market for
some time; the property is vacant. I don’t know who owns it but I do know that it is indeed a fire
hazard, especially with the hotter weather coming on. Please have someone call me and
advise me what the city is going to do. Thank you.
PDS/Code Enf.

Morgan Parker
Illegal Fireworks: Just so you don’t think the Fourth of July went off without a hitch, I want you
to know I was kept awake until 2:30 this morning by the sounds of dynamite, also know as
M80’s, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, loud drunk adults and kids. You get it, I was kept awake
by illegal acts. I have been listening to these sounds for the past couple of weeks but nothing
like last night and this morning. But you’ve gotta sell those fireworks, right? It’s all about the
almighty dollar. I would have called the police, but as in the past it wouldn’t have done any
good. They don’t take these acts seriously; in fact in past years when I have called, I have been
made to feel like I am the one breaking the law. I have been told I have to locate the
perpetrators; the police don’t have time to do so. I have also been told that those breaking the
law will be given my name. I consider this a threat like I have committed some sort of crime. In
my neighborhood, and I live on the bench, it was pretty obvious that thing were out of control.
All you had to do was look up in the sky and watch the fireworks explode and listen to what
sounded like bombs and gun shots. Nope, it was not a safe, sane night.
Unable to contact

John Edwards

Canyon County Road Issue: I have called the Mayor’s Office three days in a row and a Susan
continues to put me and everybody else on the answering machine. We can’t get to talk to
them. It’s very, very rude that she’s doing this. We’re the taxpayers and we have concerns
about our city and a real big one here is that I am frequently on the road to the ponds along the
dirt road at the first ponds in Caldwell off of Chicago Park, Centennial Way, down that paved
road and take the first left on that very dusty dirt road. That road needs to be oiled and they’re
not doing it. There are a lot of people who want to know why we can’t get that road oiled with
our tax money that we pay for. It’s a health issue for many people; it’s a recreational area;
people are walking their dogs; they’re walking; they are fishing. They’re over there at the
recreational area and it’s a very dusty, serious health issue. That road has to be oiled; would
you please tend to this. Susan does not answer calls, she just puts everything on the answering
machine and does not call back. Would you please help us on this; it would be most
appreciated by a lot of people.
Action Taken: Contacted, gave him phone # of Canyon County

Jeremiah Massey

S. Pond St.
Boise, ID 83705
Opposition to streetcar study: I was reading the story about the study that was done for the
streetcar that costs roughly $63,000. I am in opposition of that; I do not agree with it and I feel
that our tax dollars can be used for betterment of the city instead of just doing a study for a
streetcar. I am opposed to the idea of a streetcar; please do not put that in our city.
Action Taken: Letter sent

Fred Genton
W. Hillway Dr.
Boise, ID
Budget Concerns: After reading the Statesman article about the Boise Budget on Sunday, I’m
very concerned that the city is going to try to go for the maximum allowable of 3%. I’m currently
retired on a fixed income and I did not receive a cost of living this year; State employees did not
receive raises for the last couple of years, so it’s very much a concern to see that the city is
trying to get city employees a 2% raise when everyone else is trying to hold the line or even
being asked to take a loss or being furloughed. So, again no cost of living for me but utilities
have gone up, my health insurance premium has gone up and I just don’t believe the city should
be adding to the tax burden at this time. I have a neighbor who can’t make his payment; their
home is in foreclosure and is going to auction next month. So, I think the city needs to take a
real hard look at their budget and rather than going for the maximum allowable, they should be
trying to reduce the budget and not increase the tax burden. There’s a sense of fair play here
and I don’t feel like the city is doing their share to help people out during these difficult times. I
also think that $750,000 for a white water park, that’s unnecessary at this time. If we had a
surplus and we had extra, then that would be fine, but we don’t. So, these extras need to be cut
out and do what needs to be done, but don’t do all the things that would be nice. Everyone’s
cutting back in their personal budget and the city needs to do the same. Thank you.
Action Taken: Letter sent

I would like to speak to the Mayor’s Office to get an answer to my question, not the hotline. I
mean you people, I don’t know why I’m paying my taxes to the city; it’s just unbelievably stupid.
No action taken

John Gregg

Utility Bill from 2 years ago: I just received a bill from Boise City Utility Billing for a residence
that I haven’t lived in for over two years. All of a sudden they’re coming back and saying I owe
them $15.71 for a utility bill from two years ago and they’ve never tried to contact me until now.
I’m getting a bill with no dates of service, no billing, no nothing, just an amount to pay. I have a
problem with this and would like someone to get back with me.

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  1. Why is the white water park the perpetual poster child for the budget fear-mongerers?

    A little math lesson here: $750,000, a one time expense only, is less than 1% of Boise’s annual budget. There is probably no other Boise neighborhood that has had less tax money spent on it over a longer period of time than the west side of downtown.

  2. It amazes me that people are so stupid that they would call the Boise mayor’s office to complain about Canyon County roads. Or Boise roads, for that matter.

    EDITOR NOTE–there are have been some from Boston as well. Must be something to do with an internet listing.

  3. Re; Budget- Fred’s comment
    Fred’s comment is right on ! People in our neighborhood are out of work and struggling! What kind of out of touch is the Boise City council ? They need to cut all unnecessary expenditures -not be planning new obligations, like streetcars etc.!

  4. @Sherry Kandle on the lack of SSL on a website…

    Just because a site doesn’t use SSL doesn’t mean that your CC will end up being sniffed.

    There’s three likely possibilities here:

    1) Her computer has a virus or trojan. SSL will _not_ protect your CC at all, since the nasty will just read the keystrokes as you type them. Her fault for using Windows and not having working antivirus.

    2) The rec department’s webserver was hacked. SSL wouldn’t help in this case again either, since the attacker could just yank the CC number as it passes through the web server’s memory or once it hits the disk.

    3) The rec department’s website didn’t leak the CC at all – rather she put it in on phishing site or another business site leaked it. Either way, that has nothing to do with SSL.

    Yes, the lack of a secure website is a bad thing these days, but I’m guessing either option 1 or option 3 is what actually happened.

  5. If the statesman would do a better job of informing the public, the City Employees will actually be taking roughly a 3% pay cut. Come October 1st, they will receive a base increase of 1.5% to 2% based on goal achievement. They will be loosing 3% that was a one-time non-base raise they recieved begining of FY10 that was approved in FY09. They will also see increase in the amount they have to contribute to PERSI of 1%. The city is lowering the amount they are paying for the employee’s health care, so the employees are going to have to make up that difference, which is roughtly about 1% or so depending on the selections they make.
    While I can’t say I agree with increasing the 3% on property taxes, if they don’t take it now, they will never be able to make it up.

  6. Trexmaniac, spoken like a true city employee,(or married to one) “If they don’t take it now, they will never be able to make it up” ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME??
    What does it take to make you realize that IT AIN’T YOUR MONEY! It is OUR money and we think we are giving you more than you deserve, or need!! If you haven’t noticed, your “sacrifice” in this economy ain’t near what a huge portion of your “money providers” have suffered! When Team dave announces that 10% of ALL city employees have been laid off, we can talk! Until then if you are looking for a sympathetic ear, sorry, not from me!

  7. Cyclops,
    To clarify, I was just responding to Fred up in the hotline complaining that the employees were getting raises. I really don’t care, they dont have room to complain, because they still have jobs unlike some.
    Second, you were close, I have a brother who is employed with the City. You make good points about citizens sacrificing more than the City employees, seeing how there are more Citizens. They can’t afford to pay their bills let alone go out and purchase things, which creates income from sales tax that helps go to the City. When people don’t spend their money, the City doesn’t recieve their portion of it. I personally don’t mind paying the extra taxes if the services are improved. I know, I know, they won’t….

  8. Think about it cyclops, a lot of the Boise City employees help pay their own salaries by paying taxes!!!!! Yes, thats right, government types help pay their own salaries, think about it!!

  9. Very true. I understand that city/ county employees pay taxes. It is sad though that the average citizen doesn’t have the level of health care, nor the retirement program, that city/county employees enjoy. I know for certain that they are very valuably “perks” of working for government. How many times have you heard a city/ county employee say “if it weren’t for the retirement package, I would have blown off this crappy job years ago” (I have heard it many, many times).
    As a result, I stand by my earlier post when I said that the city/county employees have not shared in the doldrums of the current employment situation.

  10. Concerning the few words of the F-35’s. I attended the last meeting with the city’s Gloria Mabbott, who told the Statesman that they have gotten little feedback. Bull. There is alot more about the F-35’s that most don’t know, even though I’m of the thought that they won’t come here. In Marriett Georgia, after they arrived, 180 homes near the site were said to be un-inhabitable, and went into foreclosure since they couldn’t sell them. The air force has the authority to kick out residents they think are in harms way, and there are many more than just those near Gowen Field that will be harmed by these fighters. Many many more. I wish more people would educate themselves about this.

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