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Boise PD Bans Cell Phone Texting In Cars

Citing his own distraction while driving, Boise’s top copper, Mike Masterson, announced a new policy banning texting on phones and mobile devices in BPD squad cars.

The use of those front seat laptops will continue until new hands free and voice recognition equipment can be purchased and installed within the budget constraints and technological developments. He said several devices are currently being tested by the department.

Masterson acknowledged the GUARDIAN and “intelligent discussion on the blogs” influenced his decision to ban the cellphone and personal device texting. He said nearly 30 states have passed various laws banning cell phones and texting while driving and that law enforcement needs to take a leadership role and play by the same rules whenever possible.

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  1. Good example Sir. Teenagers and people with record of rear-end accidents next.

  2. I hope that this helps clear the way for a statewide ban.

  3. A good police chief lives on the pointy end of the sword. Good job Chief Masterson! Thank you!

  4. To bad are State leaders aren’t a bit brighter. I think that alone shows this State needs changes.

  5. Steve Lewis
    Jul 16, 2010, 7:00 pm

    Even though I do feel this will be a good decision to set an example by the department, I never saw in any articles I read where Masterson gives you credit for any of this. So, please print that so I can believe it.
    NOTE TO EDITOR: Quit asking bike patrol guys who I am, you will never find me (or us??!!)

    EDITOR NOTE–Ask him yourself. He spoke directly to me at the station and brought it up unsolicited.

  6. Rod in SE Boise
    Jul 17, 2010, 10:51 am

    In addition to banning texting while driving, they should also ban torture as a BPD practice.

  7. Oh Rod get off that horse, there has never been any “torture” of a suspect by any law enforcement in the valley. Man, find another cause, because that one isn’t there.

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