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Mayor Hotline July 10 to 16

July 10 – 16, 2010
Hillcrest Shopping Center
ISSUE: She is curious about what is going on in the Hillcrest Shopping Center where they have torn down the old Grand Central building and the buildings around the new Hillcrest Library. Nobody has ever done a news story or told the public what is going on, about what they’re building, or what they’re going to do there.
No action taken

Jonathan Barnett
Verification Process for Dam Disaster:
ISSUE: He is concerned that the verification process for a problem with the dams above the City of Boise takes too long and by the time verification occurs, the citizens of downtown Boise would already be in great peril. He suggests a web cam on the Lucky Peak dam if not the other dams that monitors it at all times so if the dam did break, someone could instantly review the webcam and verify it. The public could be alerted much faster and have a much smoother evacuation process in the city.
ROUTED TO: ID Parks & Rec. by email
Action Taken: Left msg.; gave him State Parks & Rec. phone #

Jenifer Reinhardt
Moose Run Ct.

Meth Graffiti
ISSUE: She originally thought there was graffiti on a side wall of Ustick Inn located at 8050 W. Ustick Rd. It’s very confusing whether the message is for or against meth and she doubts that it was approved by the Idaho Meth Project.
Action Taken: Left msg; gave her graffiti phone #.

Joseph Rodriguez
[email protected]
Looking for Work
ISSUE: He has been unemployed for two years and is looking for work.

City is Over-spending:
ISSUES: Mayor and Council are over-charging for sewer and garbage to make money. Stop the raises; the elderly on social security did not get them. Cut back on the money and get that $3,800,000 under control. Stop all this excess spending.
ROUTED TO: Mayor & Council

Business Operation in Home
ISSUE: She is calling about a resident at 3000 N. Maywood Ave. in their subdivision who is running a landscaping business from his home. There are trailers out front, people arriving at 6:30 – 7:00 in the morning making all kinds of noise, coming and going off and on during the day.
ROUTED TO: PDS (2nd complaint, no way to contact for more information)

Myrna Reese
Boise, ID 83704
No More Dog Poop Parks
ISSUE: She doesn’t want any more of our city’s parks used as poop parks for dogs. Parks are for people and kids, not for dogs to poop in.
ROUTED TO: Parks & Rec.

Dwight Magnuson
N. 33rd St.
Boise, ID 83703
Violation of Clear Zone Area
ISSUE: The property at 2019 30th St. has a fence that needs to be removed due to violation of the 40 ft. clear zone area. He has talked with Mike Garner in Code Enforcement numerous times, but nothing has ever been done about it.

Roger Gardner
W. 37th St.
Bldg. 106
Garden City, ID 83714
Misleading Unattended Vehicle Sign
ISSUE: He unloaded some boxes in front of Southwest Airlines and took them into the terminal. The lady attendant was very rude and gave him a ticket for $100 for leaving an unattended vehicle. The sign is very misleading.
ROUTED TO: Airport

Heavy Equip. Causing Sidewalk Damage
ISSUE: Construction of curbs and sidewalks behind Boise High School directly across from 1010 W. Franklin St. Heavy equipment is cracking the sidewalk, tearing up the curb, and cracking the storm drain structure. The high school or the contractor should fix the problem.
ROUTED TO: Emailed to ACHD per their request

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  1. Re: Hillcrest

    The building was so old that the ground is worth more with the building gone. I think I saw an article about it in the Statesman.

  2. Did City Hall have to let their transcriber go, to fund the Airport Propaganda Machine? What’s with the Reader’s Digest crank calls?

    Re: Hillcrest Shopping Center. I saw some limited news coverage. It’s certainly not in the City Charter to inform all citizens about what’s being built or demolished on private property. (As an old-timer, I can remember when Hillcrest Plaza opened – sparkly and shiny-new and HUGE! The light posts had animal cutouts on them, so you could find your car in that vast parking lot. “Let’s see – were we parked by the giraffe, or the ostrich?”)

    I love the notion of a Lucky Peak Disaster-Cam! And how it would result in a “smoother evacuation process.” Good one! (Brother, if you’re in the flood plain, and don’t know about Lucky Peak breaking until the water’s pouring over the rubble – put on a life jacket because you’re going for a swim!)

  3. I wonder if the city has a dam disaster plan and if it is available to the public..It would be interesting to know if my home is in the possible flood area. I suspect the first notice anyone would get would be a 20 ft wall of water rushing through the neighborhood.

    EDITOR NOTE–Ada county just put out a press release seeking comments for a disaster plan on that subject among others…check around

  4. Simple really…. Just censor the comments and delete, or spin, the comments you don’t like, and the problem goes away. No different than the trolley, the airport bond issue, the police negotiations, or any of the myriad of screwups this administration has put on us. What a bunh of elitist, self-serving jerks!

  5. Thanks for the info…I used to write disaster preparedness plans a couple of decades ago and find the topic interesting.

  6. BoiseCitizen
    Jul 23, 2010, 10:19 am

    I understand that a recent change in personnel at the Mayor’s office is the reason for the change in writing style for the hotline. My understanding is that the person who used to transcribe has moved from the Mayor’s office to another department taking on a new job within the city.

  7. Dang, I read two of these and couldn’t do it anymore. The old style just makes them so much more juicy!!!

  8. If they aren’t going to transcribe the hot line word for word then they lose their credibility ! Why bother with misinformation and screwed information?

  9. Mike Murphy
    Jul 24, 2010, 5:42 pm

    The “Mayor’s Hotline” lost credibility years ago for anything more serious than a pothole.

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