Boise PD Reports Arrest In “Bad Taste” Fight

Boise Coppers responded to a fight call Sunday night reminiscent of Mike Tyson–with a twist.

Seems a couple of guys got in a fight and one enderd up with a bloody nose–at least what was left of it after his opponent bit it off. Police reported they searched the fight scene, but were unable to come up with the missing proboscis (for you non-library types that’s NOSE).

John Olele, 30, Boise ended up in the slammer charged with Mayhem for depriving the victim of his proboscis.

18-5001.MAYHEM DEFINED. Every person who unlawfully and maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body, or disables, disfigures or renders it useless, or cuts out or disables the tongue, puts out an eye, slits the nose, ear or lip, is guilty of mayhem.

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  1. Just a Thought
    Aug 2, 2010, 6:33 pm

    Mr Logic…..nice one. To add… least he wont be guilty of putting his nose in someone else’s business anymore!!

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