Canyon Fails Miserably On Jail Bond Vote

Canyon Politicos who just wouldn’t take NO for an answer got their lunch eaten Tuesday when voters turned down yet another attempt at a jail bond.

This time around county officials and a well organized group of supporters were humiliated. When the tally ended at 10:35 p.m., jail-bond advocates had captured 43 percent of the vote – and they needed a two-thirds super-majority. The opposition finished with 57 percent of the 14,590 votes.

Dirty politics could have created a backlash among voters when the County Fair allowed PROPONENTS to have space for a booth while denying OPPONENTS at last week’s fair. It was well covered by the GUARDIANS and legacy media.

North Ada Fire District also made a miserable showing with an attempt at a bond for a new fire station. They claimed earthquake danger, flood, and potential eviction by Ada County as reasons for the $4 million bond. Ada Commishes had recently offered to sign a 5 year renewal on rental of the land at the Fairgrounds.

There could be ramifications for Boise City taxpayers on this one because Boise recently took over coverage of N. Ada on a contract basis. Residents of the District are pretty much receiving Boise City levels of coverage for the same rates they paid for the old district service. It will depend on how service is managed.

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  1. GV observer
    Aug 4, 2010, 8:49 pm

    Seems folks are voting with their pocketbooks also in Garden Valley. The library district passed a $900,000 bond a few years ago to build a new library. The library board finally got around to building the building this year and surprise… they are short $250,000. They floated a levy yesterday for the $250,000. This vote only required a simple majority but less than 35% of the voters supported the levy. Construction on the building will be stopped short of completion until it can be funded.

    EDITOR NOTE–GV Observer, that is akin to kidnapping. They are holding the building hostage and will probably have a rough time EVER regaining the confidence lost to ineptitude.

  2. Intellectually dishonest politicians need to be voted out of office. They think they can make money appear from out of nothing. I we ask for a little bit the rest will surely appear..

    Be honest with people and quit low-balling public works projects. Creating these points of no return are just plain bad public policy.

  3. How many years until the multi-million $$ jail would have been ready? The county leaders are all acting as if their Christmas gift did not arrive, and now they just don’t know what to do!! When in fact they do. They can do the same thing they were going to do while they waited for the new jail to be built. But instead they’re going to let the criminal element run wild for a while to punish the citizen for disapointing them. It’s a fact that it would have been some time before the new jail was ready and they certainly have a plan in place for that wait time. It’s not at all clear to me that a new jail is cheaper then using other available space outside the county.

  4. A more basic question is: Why do we put so many people in jail in the first place. There are a number of alternatives to jail time and they need to be used to the maximum extent possible before we do anymore brick and mortar jails.

  5. I do not understand why government is having so much trouble with these tax increase schemes…Folk are seeing tough times and their home values fall and the last thing they want is to pay government more money.

  6. Steve Edgar
    Aug 5, 2010, 7:10 pm

    JIMV-well put, simply stated and true. You grasp the pulse of
    THE PEOPLE. We only want government to do the same as we all have – tighten up on expenses, cut the budget and live with less.

  7. Thank heaven that the law still requires a vote on this stuff. I am so glad we got to vote.

    If you let the cities et all simply go into debt without a vote they would have already spent a ton of money and raised our taxes.

    Please do not let cities et all go into debt without a 66% voter approval….please require a vote. It is the only way to protect us from massive amounts of spending and increased taxes.

  8. GV observer
    Aug 6, 2010, 11:37 am

    Donna – you’re 100% correct. There are three initiatives on the ballot this fall to allow Idaho government entities to go into debt without our vote. We all need to get the message out to vote NO on these three initiatives. With cities like Boise spending mega dollars of our money to get the yes vote, we need a grass roots NO vote.

  9. What needs to be done to get the majority vote for the fire station is to do what Eagle did a few years ago. The fire dept. had the ballots for the bond at an existing fire station. When citizens went to their usual place to vote the ballots used didn’t have the fire station vote, just the other people and issues being voted. No signs indicated that the fire department vote was elsewhere. While the general election had about 3000 people voting, the bond ballot had less than three hundred, apparently only friends and relatives were let in on this little scheme and so that issue had more than a 2/3 majority. I could be wrong but I think the station was built in the neighborhood of an infamous ex-city council member. What a system.

  10. Anyone else find it ironic that BFD is concerned that the county is going to “boot them out”??? Despite assurances to the contrary?

    Kinda like they did to the County several years ago with the EMS station….

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