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City Should Warn Floaters Of Dangers

A reader contacted the GUARDIAN with a safety suggestion that would cost less than a single emergency response to the Boise River.

He noted the tragic incident west of the Main Street bridge which claimed the life of a young mother at Thurman Mill Dam was one of at least three emergency responses in the same location during the past couple of weeks. The reader lives in the area and said floaters need to be warned to stay out of the river there.

How about some big RED LETTER WARNING signs? A simple message warning of dangerous waters, falls, dam, etc. and urging floaters to GET OUT OF THE RIVER NOW! would certainly go a long way toward saving lives. Several years ago the GUARDIAN made a similar request when trees had blocked the stream, but city officials refused. Maybe this time they will be more receptive.

Meanwhile city officials offer a link to SAFETY TIPS but our experience shows few floaters have internet access in their rafts and tubes.

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  1. Porcupine Picayune
    Aug 5, 2010, 1:20 pm

    Boise Police River Safety Tips…

  2. I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure the footbridge at Ann Morrison park has a giant sign that says something like “Tuber take-out NOW! Dangerous river a head”

  3. The Boise River is not Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. People need to use their brains.

    Nor is it as simple as putting up warning signs. The area around the Clocktower Pond, officially called Quinn’s Pond has been getting much more use in the last few years. This is due to the 3 docks installed by Parks and Rec thanks to a neighborhood grant. The city has also allowed an unpaved parking lot which is a violation of the city’s own building codes.

    The docks and the parking lot have attracted thousands more visitors per summer than used to visit the area. It’s my opinion that the area is not ready for such intense use.

    Compare the Esther Simplot Park area, where Quinn’s Pond is, to the similarly incomplete Marianne Williams Park at Harris Ranch. There are no docks in the ponds at MW Park nor is there any parking. In fact the whole area is gated and posted no trespassing.

  4. Previous comments appreciated.

    And I see on the OTHER local news(paper) website that Citizen Dave Frazier and his readers have donated some signs. Kudos!

    However, I fully agree with boisecynic – the river is NOT a controlled amusement park ride. Does placement of signs at certain hazardous locations suggest that the rest of the river is benign and suitable for floaters of all ages and abilities?

    People drown in bathtubs! Moving water can be particularly hazardous to non-swimmers and those unfamiliar with the route.

    (I remember perhaps 20 years ago when some out-of-towners set out just above Barber Dam – maybe a half-mile above the traditional Barber Park put-in. They went right over the dam! By some miracle, no deaths or serious injuries.)

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