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Mayor Hotline August 1 to 6

We don’t want to beat a dead horse, but it would seem this document which is sent to department heads and city councilors is near worthless in this abbreviated format. Calls from citizens to their government are reduced to things like “outraged at City’s response to a previous Hotline caller,” with no context, subject, or basis for the outrage. If this passes as “information” from the public to city officials it’s no wonder they make the decisions they make.

Tony Wilson
E. Carter St.
ISSUE: Constantly barking dog at 1057 E. Victory Rd.
ACTION: Idaho Humane Society

Eugene Sedlewicz
N. Waterfront Way
ISSUE: Wonders why so few accessible parking spaces are designated in Boise.
ACTION: Contacted

Jim Monihan
W. Preece St.
ISSUE: Outraged at City’s response to a previous Hotline caller. Believes those
involved, including Mayor, should be fired.
ACTION: Contacted

Tom Conn
W. State St.
ISSUE: Tree irrigation creating puddle at Eighth and Bannock streets.
ACTION: Referred to CCDC

Lynn Lockhart
Morris Hill Neighborhood Association
N. Archer St.
ISSUE: Asks whether City offered financial assistance to help with front facing
of Vista Village.
ACTION: Contacted

Mike Schwarz
Pershing Drive
ISSUE: Opposes mosque being built in Manhattan.
ACTION: Contacted

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  1. Porcupine Picayune
    Aug 12, 2010, 8:42 am

    Eugene Sedlewicz,

    re : accessible parking

    In a nutshell…

    Because the City and its Criminal Enterprise – the CCDC – are only going to provide those that the law requires.

    Look at the parking structures built by entities such as St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, BSU, etc.

    They are well lit, well maintained, have emergency call boxes, wide spaces, and ample handicapped accesible spaces that are conveniently placed.

    Now, look at the ones built and operated by the City’s Plausible Deniability Factory – the CCDC…

    All the appeal of Hitler’s Bunker, dim light, no emergency call boxes, tight/tiny spaces, inconveniently placed and minimal handicap accessible spaces.

    In an administrative environment that eschews transparency and accountability, and has proven time and again that it believes it is beholden to no one.

  2. Mayor Bieter issued a press release, detailing what he intends to do about the Ground Zero Mosque.

    Of course, we’ll never know, since the Boise Guardian is “de-listed.”

  3. These are the abbreviated versions of the abbreviated calls. Even less descriptive and useful than last weeks.

    I say we start a campaign to flood their hotline with BS calls until they offer full transcripts or MP3’s of the original calls. I don’t mind giving them a call and reading from a book for 20 minutes.

    EDITOR NOTE–We certainly share your frustration, but your civil disobedience will only serve to tie up the line for others or force them to stop the hotline altogether.
    Calls to city councilors who are also being shorted on information would be in order.

  4. What I actually said was:

    “What a bunch of idiotic, self-serving, ignorant, non-responsive, arrogant, stupid, hypocritical,lying,cheating band of baboons!! How dare you respond in this way to a citizen, much less one that is serving for us all. (including you jamokes at city hall) And then to try and “whitewash” your ineptness in the calls! Whoever made the statement to this man needs to be fired immediately! Then the mayor, reilly,euzel and about a half dozen other wasters of oxygen should get out of town! This makes me ashamed to be from Boise! And I never,ever, thought I would say that!”

    This isn’t “sanitized”! It is soaked in bleach for at least a week!! There has GOT to be two versions of the hotline! It is inconceivable that the “sanitized” version would be forwarded to the individual departments. They wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to respond! Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the hotline has been “significantly altered” for public consumption!

    Jim Monihan

  5. OK Cyclops – what is a jamoke? Thanks.

  6. Jim… it says you were contacted. Would be interesting to know who contacted you and what they said.

  7. A “Jamoke” is a moron who thinks he(she)is streetsmart but, in reality, has no clue. It’s origin is from immigrant cultures that came to the US in the early 20th century.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 13, 2010, 8:49 pm

    We might as well call City Hall about the proposed mosque in NYC, or the future colonization of Mars, or the floods in Pakistan, because we sure aren’t getting a straight answer from anybody at City Hall about any local issues.

    Jim, aka cyclops, I wouldn’t respond to you in any meaningful way if you called me a bunch of: “idiotic, self-serving, ignorant, non-responsive, arrogant, stupid, hypocritical,lying,cheating band of baboons.”, even though City Hall IS all of those things except baboons, I suppose.

    EDITOR NOTE– Cyclops has been a problem in the past on the issue of name calling. We gave him a time out a while back and he said he realized he was offending the baboons in the zoo and promised to stop.

  9. euzel left a message. No contact.

  10. The failure to provide details is simply government reminding its subjects who is really the boss..

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