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Meteor Shower Clean Show In Idaho Desert

Last night’s (this morning’s) Perseid meteor shower didn’t disappoint. If you want to “catch a falling star,” there is a repeat performance scheduled for tonight, but not as intense as the 50-80 per hour seen last night.

This shot was made about 3 a.m. at Bonneville Point off Blacks Creek Road east of Boise. It is important to get away from the city lights, so we faced northeast toward the mountains. The small streaks are star tracks caused by the earth’s rotation while the shutter is open. The meteor is the brilliant streak at the left of the image.

(The GUARDIAN never sleeps and we can report no government officials were detected doing anything untoward despite our best efforts. So far they haven’t screwed up the heavens.)

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  1. City Hall breathes a sigh of relief as one more negative article disappears off the front page of the BoiseGuardian.

    Nice pic too.

  2. Fantastic picture – even shows the mountains in the dark of night. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Me thinks the meteor showers were headed for City Hall in response to the Cop Shop shutting you off from emails. There is justice, maybe. Keep up the good work and let me know when little green men land at Craters of the Moon. You are my source for all Idahoan news and views.

  4. We went out to the Bruneau Dunes and watched the show from the top of the dunes. It was a great night.

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