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Ada Commish Candidate Tells Cities To Pay Up

Commenting on the conflict between Ada County and cities regarding payment for magistrate court services, Ada commish candidate Larry Rincover sent the following statement to the GUARDIAN.

The cities were mandated by the Idaho Supreme Court to provide the services which resulted in an agreement between the cities and Ada County. It seems that the cities have not lived up to their financial responsibilities and the arrears are adding up.
According to the Statesman, Ada County has told them to pay up or move out.

First, there’s no excuse not to pay your bill cities. Services and facilities have been provided to you and you have a legal, moral and ethical obligation to pay up. And let’s face it………you’re getting a deal.

Ada County however, is sadly mistaken to make the threat it made. The last thing we need is an empty monster courthouse. Threatening to evict is not only idiotic, but demonstrates a total lack of leadership skills. If you simply look two or three moves ahead, it would be obvious that the cities cannot afford to create their own magistrate system. Judges don’t want to travel back and forth and attorneys would go crazy. The cost of duplicating or triplicating security systems would be onerous.

Reality check: Moving out has no chance of happening and making the threat does nothing to resolve the issue.

Ada County needs leadership. Ada County should build a consensus. Cities need to pay their bills. This is a no brainer.

The GUARDIAN would offer equal space to candidate Vern Bisterfeldt who stands to be on both sides of the issue since he is a sitting Boise City Councilor and County commish candidate.

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  1. Hmm! “Judges don’t want to back and forth and it would drive attorneys crazy” Just when I was going agree with you Larry, you brought up an attractive result to this mess.

  2. In the words of Rodney King “can’t we all just get along?” The silo barrons of government can’t seem to look any further than the end of their collecitve noses.

    It is “WE THE PEOPLE” not cities, counties etc.

  3. Dave in Emmett
    Aug 20, 2010, 9:48 am

    So basically what you’re saying here is . …. NOTHING!

  4. go larry!

  5. Very sensible, Larry. It’ll be interesting to see where Councilman Bisterfelt wannabe Comissioner Bisterfelt comes down on this issue.

  6. clarkenstein
    Aug 20, 2010, 3:04 pm

    Paying up … is this what it is all about these days – as if money flowed down the Boise River ??? Let’s see engineers, biologists, liberal arts majors, music majors, and sundry college graduates DO NOT enjoy the huge salaries provided from the Trough as for those Civil Servants eating lucious dollups of TAXPAYERS $$$ provided for the “Justice” SYSTEM employees. Let’s all be “Civil Servants – so we can get rich off everyone else that pays taxes. Bernie Madoff can be the Chief Bureaucrat in the Department of Ponzie Department. A get rich quick scheme – better than working at Taco Bell, Nicht Wahr???

    How about dropping their salaries to a statistical norm (NOT Team Dave’s norm) ?!? This will help remind the Civil Servants they work for “We the People”. Clearly, the layers of feeding trough bureaucracy workers are substantially OVERPAID. Make Biofuel from this Fat…

    Lowering their salaries in these difficult times will send them a SERIOUS message that economic hardship is “Equal Opportunity” friendly. This will help lower overhead NOW & send a message to the fUTURE that Civil Servants, going forward, Shall NOT be overpaid by those, who in many cases, are barely surviving. Corporate America has cut way back – time to lower salaries & layoff “civil servants” – they should not be immune.

    Perhaps we should make these bureaucrats pay 100% for health care – not unlike the ‘common folk’ is being a Bureaucrat a 100% entitlement to gouge Taxpayers for gold plated benefits that few outside the Public Sector enjoy??? Common folk see increasing health care and retirement costs (if either are available). Why should WE THE PEOPLE create an Aristocracy fed by a high tax burden to accommodate these gold digging Bureaucrats??? Few if any apparently have any regard for “little people” beyond providing tax revenue to fuel their BLING.

    BISTERFELDT … hasn’t HE been on the Public Trough long ENOUGH ??? Liberté, égalité, fraternité !!! Where is Dr. Guillotine when we need him ???

  7. shackleford
    Aug 21, 2010, 9:18 pm

    I think Clark should just march down to city hall, tell them what job you want to do. It sounds like you will work for minimum wage and pay for your own insurance. I know they will hire you if you make them an offer like that.

  8. shackleford
    Aug 21, 2010, 9:41 pm

    So here is a little break down for you. Lets take a look at a speeding ticket which will cost you $85.00:
    Fixed penalty-$33.50
    Court costs-$26.50
    County Justice fund-$5.00
    Peace Officer Training fund-$10.00
    Istars technology fund-$10.00
    I believe the city gets 90% of the fixed penalty according to
    ISC 19-4705.
    Nothing meant by it, just information.

  9. clarkenstein
    Aug 22, 2010, 12:36 pm

    Shakleford should refrain from putting in a name without first hand knowledge who the person is. Frazier should NOT allow this to devolve to personal innuendo againt another by using a name other than in the BLOG. Identify youself Shackleford, & refrain from guessing who BLOGS by a pseudonym. Frazier – remove shackleford’s reference to naming a person other than pseudonym in Comment #7

  10. clarkenstein
    Aug 22, 2010, 1:59 pm

    Shackleford states above: nothing meant by it just information. >>> Turning to the definition of information > The English word was apparently derived from the Latin accusative form (informationem) of the nominative (informatio): this noun is in its turn derived from the verb “informare” (to inform) in the sense of “to give form to the mind”, “to discipline”, “instruct”, “teach”: “Men so wise should go and inform their kings.” (1330) Inform itself comes (via French) from the Latin verb informare, to give form to, to form an idea of. Ja,,, nothing but “information”.

    Clarkenstein earlier commented as regard excessive costs paid to civil servants with respect to a pay, benefits and layoffs facing corporate america.

    Shackleford, however, instead of evaluating overhead in bureaucracies, makes a personal rant against a blogger, as if it were OK for the high costs to Taxpayers in funding Bureaucracies.

    Nothing in Clarkenstein’s blog suggests an interest in “marching” to city hall (is shackleford a drill instructor)? Nor does Clarkenstein make any suggestion that minimum wage is a Norm, or state that “sounds like you will work for minimum wage and pay for your own insurance”… Does shackleford merely misquote to rant, or rant to misquote?

  11. schackleford
    Aug 23, 2010, 7:11 am

    Schackleford appologizes as a new person to posting something, ignorance not an excuse, so appologies to all. Lesson learned. The cost break down was just in response to the article to point out where funds go from the monies collected on citations.

  12. schackleford
    Aug 23, 2010, 7:29 am

    And I will remove myself from any further comments. I will just be an observer from here on out. So no need to waste any more time on me.

  13. Interesting that Clarkenstine accuses shackleford of ranting, using quite a rant to do so.
    I agree that this should not be a forum to attack other bloggers (although any can feel free to attack me for saying that, OK?), but if Clarkenstine is going to get all offended every time someone disagrees with him or gives him a little static — Whew, if you can’t take that little bit of heat, this is going to get interesting.

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