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Mayor Hotline August 14 to 20

ISSUE: He doesn’t think the Mayor and City Council have the right to go against a court order if two different courts and the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that Boise needs to pay court services.
Mayor & Council

Daniel Foster
N. 19th St.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: Irritated that the Mayor’s Hotline calls are no longer transcribed and also that the Boise Guardian has been dropped from press releases. He feels that they are an important source of information and news.
Mayor and City Council

Ernest Toler
Idaho City
ISSUE: Barbara is trying to evict him out of the house and he wondered if the Mayor could get him a few more days to get his stuff out.
No Action Taken

ISSUE: He’s concerned about how trashy the streets and alleys are looking in the North End with weeds and Elm trees growing in the gutters. He thinks that some of the money for keeping the streets downtown clean needs to be used for cleaning the streets in the North End.
Action Taken: Emailed to ACHD

ISSUE: There is a vagrant family in a really down-trodden RV living on 15th St. underneath the Connector. It’s there at least three nights a week, maybe four; they’ve got little kids, bicycles, and it looks like an RV park under the Connector.

Jack Bunnell
ISSUE: He would like to get on the Graffiti Task Force and help clean up Vista Ave. from the Boise Depot to the Airport.
Action Taken: Left message
Emailed Graffiti Rep.

Stennis McCoy
ISSUE: He is 65 years old and was attacked in Ann Morrison Park Saturday afternoon by some drunken homeless people. They kicked his car and tried to steal his watch.
Action Taken: Contacted

Mark Tucker
Michael St.
Boise, ID 83705
ISSUE: He feels it’s an issue when no more than two bikes can be put on the front of the bus. He was informed that he either had to lock his $1,000 bike up on the side of the road on Vista and Overland or wait an hour for the next bus, which may or may not have a spot for his bike. He thinks there should be more options for bikes on the bus and he would like to know what the policy is.
Action Taken: Emailed to ValleyRide

ISSUE: Why isn’t the Mayor doing anything about the high price of gas in Idaho? All the other mayors seem to want to help out Idaho.
Mayor and City Council
No action taken

Harold Swartley
N. 15th St.
Boise, ID
ISSUE: He parks his Ford pickup on Ressigue St. right outside his house. Sometime yesterday afternoon somebody scratched a swastika on the left-hand door of his vehicle. He thinks the city needs to know that this type of thing is going on so they can keep an eye on it.

Action Taken: Contacted
Don Howell
N. 17th St.
ISSUE: He wanted to commend the Forestry Department on correcting a stump removal problem. They inadvertently cut through a sewer line and after he called them, they were out the next day and had it fixed in about 1½ hours.
Parks & Rec

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  1. This is a useless segment for the forum since the city stopped providing any real data…

  2. Nothing to see here anymore folks. Just move along please. Just move along! “A helluva way to run a railroad!”

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 25, 2010, 12:55 pm

    Not useless, but less useful.

  4. I agree about the streets and especially the alleys of the north end looking trashy. Notice how they passed the buck to ACHD. Yet it’s a city code issue when garbage cans and garbage are left out in the alley all week. Regarding weeds: code enforcement used to cite anyone with any weeds over a foot tall. Now weeds have to have 50% coverage of the lot.

    Weeds in the sidewalk cracks look horrible too. I’m looking at you, certain tire shop at 15th and Main Streets, at one of the main gateways to downtown.

  5. How about the vast acreage of weeds right across from the granite dealer, on the 17th and Grove corner? A real eyesore.

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