City Government

Mayor Hotline August 21 to 27

Jill Feeler
S. Horseshoe Pl.
Boise, ID 83716
ISSUE: Concerned about the trees that the City of Boise and the neighborhood board have decided to take out because of safety concerns.
Parks & Rec

Thorpe Orton
Johns Landing Way
Boise, ID 83703
ISSUE: This is the 4th time in the last few years that a large tree has blown down by the road along Plantation Golf Course on State St. It’s very dangerous and he thinks somebody needs to do something about those trees along the road which all appear to be rotted.
Parks & Rec/ACHD

ISSUE: Supports BPD’s decision to remove the Guardian and Dave Frazier from media contact list. She watched the news on Channel 6 the night that he brought the signs to the press conference. That’s not legitimate journalism; he doesn’t deserve to receive those press releases.

Yodi Myers
S. Rushmore (off Cloverdale)
ISSUE: Supposed to get irrigation water and have never been able to since they have lived in their house. Wondering why people on their block have to pay for irrigation water but are unable to access it.
Action Taken: Contacted (subdivision contractor issue)

Jason Capalino
S. 13th St.
Boise, ID
ISSUE: Concerned that cutting some trees in Ann Morrison Park will ruin that area for the disc golfers. Suggests that instead of digging out one tree, someone make a carving out of it.
Parks & Rec. (Forestry)

Karen Meienhova
ISSUE: Nobody seems to have the exact information as to whether the Visitor’s Center on the Grove is closing or not on Tuesday, August 31, 2010. She wonders why no information has been provided so plans can be made.
Mayor’s Office
Action Taken: Mayor’s Office will investigate and contact her

Geraldine Hall
W. Poppy St.
Boise, ID 83713
ISSUE: Her out of town guests rode the tour train last week and had a delightful experience. She is shocked and dismayed that Ms. Miller is being thrown out of the park.
Action Taken: Spoke to Mayor’s staff

Joe Barber
S. Jolinda
Boise, ID 83709
ISSUE: Weeds and property deterioration at 8485 Morning Mist.
Action Taken: Contacted

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  1. “he doesn’t deserve to receive those press releases” Too funny. The Frazier situation aside, the idea that media are somehow more deserving than the rest of us cracks me up.

    EDITOR NOTE–The GUARDIAN has long held your views and agrees. We represent the public and share information with the public. “Special” status tends to garner “special coverage”–BSU football and sports in general are good examples.

    On the other hand when they won’t even tell you a press conference is scheduled it frustrates claims of “transparency.”

  2. Not that I don’t empathize with some of you down trodden Boise serf candidates but give poor ol’ “Team Dave” a break and let them work. . . After all, they all have a big “D” behind (or in front) of thier names. To hear so many of you tell it, only the Repubs are 100% evil. . . Go ahead and buy into the bull whacky of those north ender retreaded filthy hippies, “The “Dees” have NOTHING but your best interests at heart.” Now go back to sleep and, above all else, Trust them. . . !

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Sep 2, 2010, 8:35 pm

    Actually, at the national level, the Democrats DO have our best interests at heart, whereas the Republicans represent the rich and big business interests.

    At the local level, here in Idaho, it doesn’t matter. They all serve big agricluture, big mining, and big business and ignore those of us who have to work for a living.

  4. Nice to have good ol’ Rod explain all those big issues so clearly. Thanks for that insight, deep as usual. Republicans = bad, democrats = (crappy), but their heart is in the right place just like you Rod.

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