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Statesman Editorial Dumps On Boise PR Effort

Today’s Idaho Statesman has a damning EDITORIAL about Boise City’s ill advised $60,000 PR effort to “educate voters” about a constitutional amendment aimed at denying citizens their constitutional right to vote on airport debt.

The GUARDIAN provides the truth in a series of CONSTITUTION stories posted in recent weeks…and we do it for FREE! As voters become aware of the HJR5 airport amendment as well as two others, they are becoming leery or the motivation behind the amendments.

Even House Majority leader Mike Moyle flipped on supporting the amendment after voting in favor during the 2010 session. The Republican Party opposed HJR5 at its state convention this summer.

Democratic Guv candidate Keith Allred voiced strong support and said he would vote for HJR5 and two other proposals despite the fact they all seek to take away citizen oversight of public debt at airports, public hospitals, and electric utilities.

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  1. It is nice that the daily rag took up this issue but I think they missed the point…it it not about Mr. Moyle…it is about the fact that a city and mayor have chossen to try to influnece an election…which is illegal! Public funds – (any funds expended by a city agency) to influence an election is illegal. Period

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Sep 15, 2010, 12:09 pm

    I read the Statesman editorial and though they opposed the expenditure of city funds to try to influence an election, their criticizm was quite muted, especially when compared to Boise Guardian readers. The Statesman should have been more strident.

  3. Where is this law Patricia? As it applies to the City, I mean?

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