On-line Sting Attempt Ends With A Twist

The scenario has become common place. Sheriff gets on-line, poses as a minor, they meet at a remote location and the guy ends up in jail or star of a reality TV predator show.

Here’s a tale of the stingER becoming the stingEE and neither party had sex on their mind.

A couple days ago Ada Sheriff Gary Raney was surfing the web looking for a laptop–computer that is. Craig’s List had a deal that was too good to be true and you know what the Better Business Bureau says about those deals.

Raney arranged to meet via cell phone and things started getting “hinky” as coppers say. The seller changed meeting locations at the last minute and the veteran Sheriff’s danger radar kicked in.

He called Garden City PD for back up. They cut to the chase, did the crash scene, and two bad guys bent on a rip-off robbery were captured and taken to the slammer. It looks like it was pure coincidence the alleged crooks happened to connect with a copper. Raney got lots of good press, but no laptop.

Give him a call if you have an Apple that works great for a low price. But don’t try any funny stuff!

DAILY PAPER has the details.

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  1. I’m waiting for two police departments to pose as teens and lure each other in. Two cops trying to arrest one another would be rather funny.

  2. Don’t taze me bro’!

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