Ada Assumes Courthouse Parking Authority

Just as our sources PREDICTED two weeks ago, the Ada Courthouse will be more user friendly beginning Friday when the “first hour free” parking policy is reinstated. Additional hours or portions will cost just a dollar.

The Ada Commishes are now running the show and seem to want the parking facility to serve the visitors rather than serve as a source of revenue for CCDC that created safety issues with jaywalkers. Additional hours or portions of an hour are just $1.

Regardless of the taxpayer cost, the Commishes made a good PR move because most folks with business at the Front Street facility seldom stay more than an hour. Prior to the new policy a visit of 65 minutes would set you back $5. Under the new policy it will cost just $1 for up to 120 minutes.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Sep 30, 2010, 7:50 pm

    FINALLY, someone in state or local government makes a good decision.

  2. Parking for the courthouse should be 100% free 100% of the time. A fee to a park is just another barrier to poor people accessing vital government functions that are available exclusively at the courthouse.

  3. Timm! Took the words right out of my mouth. This is OUR Facility How dare they charge at all?

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