Washington State Voters Seek 2/3 Approval On Spending

A common cry among proponents of the three proposed constitutional amendments claims Idaho and California are alone in their requirements for voter approval for certain public funding.

While not an argument over “fees,” to finance debt, Washington State voters seek to limit the taxing authority of government without 2/3 voter approval. Idaho already has that authority when it comes to local debt. Local government leaders are pushing to eliminate any voter scrutiny when it comes to airport or public hospital spending.

Here is link to a cute TV SPOT from our neighbors to the west.

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  1. Ralph Nichols
    Oct 10, 2010, 10:48 pm

    For the information of voters in Idaho, where I once reported on state politics, this is Washington’s second attempt through the initiative process to require a 2/3 approval for any new tax increases. Actually, voters approved such a restriction on new taxes three elections ago. But after two years, the Legislature may amend a law adopted by initiative. The two-year limit expired in 2010 and the lopsided Democratic majority did the only thing they are capable of – they overturned the requirement for a 2/3 majority vote and raised taxes. We got the 2/3 majority requirement back on the ballot and, if momentum continues, on Nov. 2 voters will re-enact it as they also retire Patty Murray!

  2. I have been waiting for three days to see the response to all those who support these amendments because we “need to be on a par with the other western states”, to post here. Where are all you folks now??? It appears that when the dust settles, the true effort is one of our “neighbor states” desire to emulate US!!!

  3. That ad is funny and true. That ad could be reused in almost any election.

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