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Mayor Hotline October 2 to 8

Scott Lowe
Dewey St.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: His wife took the phone survey; they were told it would take 15-20 minutes but it took
almost 30 minutes to complete. If you are going to send out a letter saying that it should take
only 15-20 minutes, that’s what it should take.
Mayor’s Office

Reporter working on a story for American Towns
ISSUE: She’s writing a story on Drew Johnson, a Boise resident who is volunteering 48 weeks
in 48 states across the country. He’s doing a really wonderful thing and she was hoping to get a
comment on him from someone in Mayor’s office.
Mayor’s Office responded by email

Pat Monroe
ISSUE: She was walking downtown with a friend in the 8th and Franklin area. Unfortunately
there are some uneven sidewalks in that area and a piece of the uneven sidewalk came up and
she didn’t see it and tripped on it and fell and hurt her face pretty badly. Something needs to be
Action taken: contacted office by phone

Teresa Thorne
ISSUE: Construction workers approximately 20 ft. from her back window behind her home are
making a lot of noise since 7:00 a.m. the entire week. Is there a noise ordinance here in Boise?

Carlyn Larson
Moore St. (3101 Moore, vacant property)
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: She called Parks & Rec. and Boise Housing and neither could help. She has two trees
next door to her on vacant property at 3101 Moore St. that need to come down. She has
someone to take the trees down and haul the wood away, but since it is city owned property she
needs to know who she should contact to get permission to take the trees down.
Parks & Rec.
Action taken: Contacted

Scott Gurnsey
N. 25th St.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: A fire hydrant is being installed in his front yard. Public Works referred him to ACHD,
who sent him to United Water, and none of them could give him any information. Why wasn’t
he notified about the fire hydrant, who decided to place it in his front yard, and how far out is it
Fire Dept.
Action Taken: Left message

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  1. So what survey is the city doing and what are the results and who is paying for it?

    EDITOR NOTE–Sounds like the annual 500 sample they use to determine the budget. Results always the same: Folks love the cops, firemen, favor spending for transportation (which translates to some sort of train), and love the way the city is being run.


    South Boise

    Was walking on a sidewalk. Unfortunately the sidewalk has some uneven places, and a piece of the sidewalk came up and tripped him. He almost fell; a face-plant would have been devastating to his movie-star good looks. He momentarily considered calling either the “one call that’s all” lawyer or the mayor’s hotline… then concluded, “That was stupid! I should watch where I’m going!” And proceeded on down the sidewalk. Yeah, it would be nice if Mayor Dave got it fixed… but these are tough times.
    ACHD not contacted. (Nobody contacted.)

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