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We have to admit to a bit of preoccupation with the campaign to preserve the right of Idaho voters to vote on debt at airports, public hospitals and city owned electric utilities. The GUARDIAN has won several court decisions against Boise as they attempted to skirt the constitution which has brought us to the Nov. 2 election and three proposed constitutional amendments.

A “NO” vote will preserve your voting rights. We ask that you not deprive everyone else from voting– even if you wish to give up YOUR rights by allowing only politicians to decide these important financing issues.

Between the election and “Bronco Mania,” there isn’t much for us to discuss or comment upon. Here are a few items we have observed of late or “heard on the street.”

We have heard of several disturbing incidents of BSU flexing its authority lately. They pulled the plug on a KTVB broadcast of a live “Coach Pete” press conference a couple weeks ago, tried to get the legacy media to agree to BSU control of their creative content as a condition of getting media credentials, and illegally took a tailgater’s property off a Boise street without permission.

All of the incidents have been quietly settled, but are indicative of the money madness in today’s college football cartel.

There seems to be an outbreak of tragic and senseless traffic crashes, ATV crashes, and hunters suffering heart attacks. Next round of emergencies will be people stranded in the snow at higher elevations.

If you ever wonder why there are almost daily sex stories in the legacy media, blame it on the coppers. While the GUARDIAN is no longer on their spam list, BPD sends out a daily news summary and they often choose to highlight those “sexy” arrests.

IF you wish to offer any factual stories or observations, we will gladly provide a forum.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 13, 2010, 9:10 pm

    Where doesn’t “money madness” (aka greed) raise it’s ugly head??

  2. Our police force seems to be mostly interested in vice.
    Boise is a great place for white collar crime. Coppers seem to look the other way. What ever became of the DBSI case?

  3. I miss the poop farm stories and the old FUN Guardian days…..please bring back the FUN!

  4. I am sure the cop pervert stories do nothing but stoke the irrational fears of all the mothers who feel it necessary to dirve their kids the few blocks the live from home to school.

    Kids are in dire need of more exercise, not less and these goofy stories are not helping to cut the apron stings.

    They are also not helping the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development people in their quest to promote the area as “low crime” and safe for one and all.

    I don’t think Boise has any more or less crime than most places and for what it is worth my kids walked to school and made it to adults without us hovering over every move they made while growing up.

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