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Labrador and Minnick Bicker at City Club

In a shameful performance of politics at its worst, Raul Labrador and Walt Minnick traded mean-spirited remarks before the City Club of Boise Thursday.

When a high school girl attending the noon luncheon asked a written question, “When will you talk about issues instead of bad things about your opponent?” it drew a huge round of applause. The audience–and probably voters throughout the 1st congressional district–was noticeably fed up with the negative attack ads airing on TV.

The GUARDIAN does not endorse candidates, but the buzz from attendees of all persuasions indicated that Minnick came off as unsure of himself, angry, and ineffective. Labrador was smoother, but just as mean. We know both candidates and find the campaign to be beneath the dignity of either one. Their mommas wouldn’t be proud.

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  1. I am pretty surprised at how negative Minnick’s campaign has turned. I am not a supporter of either man. The GOP wave might be too much for Minnick, but the negative ads are really over the top for him. That is just not who I thought he was.

  2. Chris Mitchell
    Oct 28, 2010, 4:12 pm

    Again Dave, I’m going to have to disaggree with you. Raul’s mom loves him…even if he is a republican and she’s a democrat.

    EDITOR NOTE–She may love him, but she certainly shouldn’t be proud of his behavior!
    Same for the senior Mrs. Minnick.

  3. These are both good men who have become the “poster boys” of what happens when the candidate turns over the campaign to “strategists” or “advisors”. Smashmouth politics is fun when it is not your name on the ballot.

  4. “These are both good men”

    No they are not! Good men would not allow it. DC is full of scum and this is how they get started. In a few years the winner will be flush with cash and retire on lifetime federal bennies. Not a chance either one is anything other than greedy.

  5. too much easy money will spoil any campaign. raul is lucky he had to work for what he got.
    see realminnick.com
    great 3 minute video
    spread the truth fast

  6. I think Raul Labrador is in a tough spot. Walt Minnick set the tone with the negative ads and unfortunately it is difficult to respond to someone in the gutter without getting some dirty water on yourself. It is also unfortunate that often just getting these untrue allegations and half truths out there is enough to make them stick. An example of this is that there are a lot of people out there now that, based on Walt Minnick’s ads, believe that Raul Labrador would be soft on illegal immigration, which could not be further from the truth.

  7. The election is about getting one’s self elected. Too bad the strategists and big money make it necessary to trash talk the opponent.

    I would hope intellegent people can take a look at both of these two men and make their choice based on who will best represent us and the interests of Idaho at the National level of the political playing field.

    I followed Mr. Minnick in the 70’s when Watergate was a national scandal. Mr Minnick and his boss Elloit Richardson resigned their positions with the Nixon adminstration over the firing of Archibald Cox, the Watergate Special Prosecutor. He is a man of integrity and honor. Mr. Minnick is not a puppet for the Dems and tried to do what is best for Idaho citizens.

    Mr. Labrador is also an honorable man who came to this country with pretty much the clothes on his back as a Puerto Rico immigrant and has worked hard to be where he is in his personal life and as a member of the Idaho Legislature.

    Get past the crap and hype and try to figure out who will best represent Idaho on the National Level.

  8. Zippo, maybe I should have said “at this point in their careers”. I agree with you in that after 2-3 terms in congress, these guys start thinking they are irreplacable in their districts.

  9. Gee Dave, is everyone here delusional or what? It’s politics 2010 people! This ain’t no elementary school soccer game where there are no winners or losers; Just good spirited competitors all vying for the coveted prestige of most milquetoast debutant of the year. This is two men, going at it, reflecting today’s standards and traditions in class action political warfare. It’s the world we live in. To think that this congressional position is above the political low-bar than any other race in the country in the midst of possibly the most economically challenged time in American history is naive, to say the very least. And frankly, as a previous Minnick supporter and voter, I’m glad to see some hard ball coming out out and a little mud. Let it fly. Because that’s all I’ve seen from this current administration. Lies, lies, and more lies. Very similar to the previous administration. Bottom line is Raul has made some valid points and looking backing back, I’m willing to throw the dog (no pun intended) a bone. But if he comes back and bites my hand, I’ll turn on him just like I did Minnick.

  10. As a Democrat, I have been absolutely amazed at the turnabout by Walt Minnick. He was always a fiscal conservative, yes, but he was quite liberal on social issues. He was a thoughtful, caring man with a driving desire to join the political arena. He had a lot of solid Democratic backing to get him elected. To see him turn into someone running absolutely despicable anti-immigration ads for this entire campaign has made me lose all respect for him. I have heard the same from many other Democrats. He may have a ton of cash in his pocket, but he seems to have lost his integrity. And that is unforgiveable.

  11. Congressman Walt Minnick is a man of integrity fighting the “right” issues on behalf of his overall constituency and deserves a second term. He is a conservative Democrat in a party comprised of liberals, moderates, conservatives and independents. He cannot meet the demands of one single aspect of his party. He fights for veterans and small businesses. As a conservative myself, I do not agree with him on all his votes, especially on some social issues based on my religious beliefs, but I do on most. I totally abhor Wall Street bailouts, including banks and mortgage companies. That must end. The U.S. Supreme Court had a chance to unPAC elections, but chose to open the door to large contributions that all candidates take in some form or another. I recently viewed a TV ad for Raul Labrador that tried to persuade voters to vote for him since he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi if elected. He could not vote for Nancy Pelosi. He is not a Democrat. Is that a true ad, a false ad or just spin? Congresswoman Pelosi is not on the Idaho ballot. I agree with Paul that voters should elect the best person to represent Idaho in Washington. All things considered, I think that person is Walt Minnick.

    I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Labrador, other than I do not agree with his stance on the 17th amendment and his total focus on immigration.

    Regarding debate behavior: It has been a long and hard-fought campaign and we’re in the home stretch. A little snarliness is to be expected from all candidates, although politeness, as moms would say, is preferable.

    Here’s to a great turnout on Election Day. The stakes are high for Idaho and America.

    Thank you.


  12. It is easy to throw brick-bats at the issue of illegal immigration and incumbents on both sides are sitting ducks on this issue.

    The problem is how do we round up and deport roughly 20 million people who for the most part are hard working and law abiding. The segment that can’t conform to our laws need to go the minute they are found guilty of vioating our laws.

    Final thought, all the illegals are here because they can find employment. Focus on the compaines who hire illegals if you wish to make any inroads in this problem. As long as they can find work and make money the illegal problems will remain. The secondary issue of illegals is the social costs for schools, health care and other saftey net programs designed for legal residents of our country.

  13. I had chosen Minnick on my absentee ballot. But his campaign style caused me to go for an erasure. At least with Labrador, I don’t have to worry about my Congressman supporting the current hack in the Speaker’s chair. OK I could have done better with my descriptive word, but I’m not running for office.

  14. Sorry, Kappa. Men of integrity don’t run campaigns like he has run this time.

  15. Ther must be a light coating of frost in hell! I agree with KTA on this! (I can hardly believe I just said that)

  16. Who does one vote for? There both lousy!

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