G-Bad Boys To Get “Free Time” In Office

When the legislature consolidated the election process in Idaho to just two dates–May and November–some small agencies like The Greater Boise Auditorium District got caught in limbo because their election previously was held in February.

The question arose about when to “transition” to the new system. The law calls for a November election for the G-Bad Boys, raising the question about filling the vacancies between February and November. As it now sits, the plan is for a “grace period” leaving the incumbents in office–unelected–about 9 months past their term of office. It could be shortened to a one-time extra period of about 90 days.

Here is a letter from Idaho’s chief election officer, Ben Ysursa, offering a legislative fix.

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  1. Tell Me It's A Dream
    Nov 17, 2010, 11:07 pm

    ’nuff said.

  2. Ha! Ha!
    Well, if the Greater BAD folks hadn’t been hiding from voters in the first place (by having elections on dates when they figured nobody but their own toadies would show up to vote), the problem wouldn’t have arisen. They should have been knocked down for that method loooonnnnnngggggg ago.

  3. For Public Input
    Nov 19, 2010, 7:08 pm

    Nice scoop, Guardian. This needs to be picked up by the mainstream media.

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