Mayor Hotline November 6 to 12

Nick Kopp
He has called in before about the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau and was assured both times that they’re going to be around and they’re vital but nothing has happened. He hopes this isn’t an example of how this city is run because it’s a circus.

Mayor’s Office
Michael Sullivan
He called about the situation between the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Greater Boise Auditorium District. He is astounded that a major city such as Boise will not have a convention and visitor’s bureau to market the city properly. He would like to talk to someone about possibly coming to a solution.
Mayor’s Office

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  1. Slow week at the complaint line. Maybe I should make a few calls to provide more content for BG.

  2. Wasted Effort
    Nov 19, 2010, 7:01 pm

    Why bother to call or go see the Boise Mayor anymore? GBAD cut funding for Idaho’s Convention and Visitors Bureau completely on July 22, 2010. Current status: Same, but the Boise Centre and hotels are still raking in the free benefits finger pointing at the other to pay for marketing services. Next, both Visitors and Information Centers in Boise closed on September 1, 2010. Current status: Still closed and the Mayor’s office refused to fund a small amount to pay an employee to manage the volunteer base so they could remain open. Now, even this is bogged down on whether to allow 1 free parking spot for a volunteer. The math isn’t difficult. This is tourism and tourism brings money into our city and our local economy. Maybe people have given up on having effective leadership in the Mayor’s office.

  3. Well, it’s winter now. Even though we have Bogus Basin nearby I seriously doubt if Olympics-size flocks of skiers are about to be heading our way any time soon, so who cares if the Visitors Bur. isn’t alive and functioning. Admit it–Boise is still small-town America.

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