Touching Without The Junk

When news reports surfaced–repeatedly–on local TV about the MTF lady (male to female transgender) conducting free breast exams in local Boise bars, our staff Poet Paul couldn’t resist weighing in–especially in light of the increased attention to groping at airport TSA checkpoints.

She posed as a doctor
In order to cop a feel
The “patients” complained
“Hey, What’s the deal?”
They didn’t like the degradation
Or treatment of this sort
If they wanted to be felt up
They’d go to the local airport!

Poet Paul

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  1. The only way a government official will be groping my “junk” is if I manage to get my self arrested and put in the slammer. I have endured pat downs and having the TSA smear some kind of liquid goo on my baggage and a medical device I travel with and I have managed to just grit my teeth and let them have their way with me. However, this latest invasion of my privacy is over the top. I have now made the decision on any trip less than 1,000 miles I will drive my car before i submit to this crap!

  2. If I were a younger man, I’d consider a career change. I understand the TSA is hiring Gropers. They’ll train you (if your past groping experience is deficient), and they offer salary and benefits!


    (The terrorists have won.)

  3. Paul, The government has big plans to expand it privacy intrusions into your everyday life. The TSA at the airport is only a pilot program. Soon they will expand the operations to large retail stores and sports facilities. Basically anyplace which has large groups of people gathering will have these same kind of searches. Eventually every block will have a secret household responsible for reporting anything suspicious. Your house can be spot checked without notice or warrant. Please don’t be alarmed; it’s for your safety, and most of the laws they need to do this are already in place.

    Nobody could be so stupid you say? Ah, but they are. All they care about is the expansion of their department, they stopped caring about where the money comes from and the negative economic impact of their inconveniences a long time ago. It will stop when they run out of money. That will happen when the US Dollar is sufficiently devalued causing world investors stop placing trust in it. We will preserver, but not until we go through the kind of thing that happened in the USSR when the black market became larger than the official economy. Until then, grab your junk and hang on.

    As far as the transgender chic/dude… perhaps he/she has a future with the TSA… no training needed and can search either gender passenger at the checkpoint.

  4. I would like to see the statistics on just how many terrorists have been “outed” via all this goofy stuff we have to submit to in the name of security.

    Saw a picture of a middle aged woman getting the “full monty check” going thru airport security on a news site. Does anyone think passengers are going to sit still for any funny business while on an airplane? My guess would be NO they would not and the terrorist would be overwhelmed before he could do anything to harm people on the airplane.

    We continue to delude ourselves that all this TSA business is for our own good. The reality is they can’t stop a determined terrorist with what they are doing at airport security checks. The toner cartridges are a perfect example of just how ineffective the system really is.

  5. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 19, 2010, 3:04 pm

    None of this stuff, including the very existance of the TSA, it’s groping, it’s super x-ray machines, the Patriot Act, illegal wiretaps, etc., would be necessary if the U.S. had a sane, intelligent foreign policy.

    We have no business attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. We have no business occupying Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (remember that after we kicked Sadaam’s ass out of Kuwait in 1992, we continued to keep troops in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and they are still there today). We also have no creditable reason for keeping troops in Germany, Japan, or South Korea.

    We have no legitimate reason to have an embassy in Iraq or Afghanistan, or, for that matter, in any country in Africa, and there is no legitimate reason, business or tourist, to allow people from those countries into the U. S.

  6. Politics be damned! My only question is may I request a female officer to perform the “enhanced pat-down”? After all, it is for my safety that they are doing it!!

  7. Pleas observe the National Opt-out day Nov. 23. Write to the airlines about your plans to fly less or not at all. The airlines spend millions in campaign contributions. TSA does not have a PAC.

  8. I agree with Rod about stopping foriegn-aid… And would add that we should just sell them all weapons so the only safe place to build anything would be here in the US. Great jobs idea!!

  9. Would our dear leader (Fraz) please supply addresses of airlines? does one find them? I mean airlines HQs, not some pub. relations outfit on their websites!

  10. Cyclops….My sentiments exactly.

  11. In any other venue other than an airport this would be statutory rape, molestation and perverted activity. Perhaps we need to take the freaks and perverts on lock down and make them TSA employees.

    I simply can not imagine even TSA employees going along with this latest invasion of our personal equipment. Can you imagine a small child, your wife, mother or father getting groped by a TSA employee. This is just way too much invaion of my personal space.

    The TSA and their latest will not happen to me. I voluntaily opt out of air travel until this gets resolved. The photos I see of elderly people gettin the “full monty” from TSA people really irks me.

  12. Warren Typer
    Nov 22, 2010, 5:27 pm

    Physical security is only as strong as its weakest link. This means – in theory – that it only takes one mistake to let a terrorist into the system. Rather than looking at other means of strengthening airport security, the TSA has taken screening to a ridiculous level. The TSA needs to take a page out of the airport security screening in the U.K. where they put a lot of focus on things like “passenger behavior”, screening of airport employees, and human intelligence to prevent problems rather than groping passenger’s junk.

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 22, 2010, 8:20 pm

    I’m opting out of air travel because it is too expensive, because you are packed in like cattle, because of the whole disfunctional security nonesense, because airline CEO’s are paid obscenly high salaries and pay trivial taxes on those wages, because the whole capitalist system is rotten and I don’t want the rich bas—-rds stealing any more money from me.

  14. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 22, 2010, 8:23 pm

    ….and another thing. They don’t even have the decency to have a member of the opposite gender grope you. Now that might make air travel attractive again. Whoo! Whoo!

  15. I hate to be non-PC, but has anyone but me noticed that the people trying to bring down planes are always males from the middle east? If a blue-eyed grannie from Kansas City is ever found with a bomb please let me know.

    Like every other enterprise in American these airport procedures always involve making money for someone, not making the traveling public more safe.

  16. Rod, due to your voting habits and so many like you… you can now have your junk grabbed on the way to work too. Way to go!

    PS: This is how the commies treat their subjects… and Bush must have been one because he put the law in place. Time to step away from the liberalism and join the Tea Party Rod… save yourself man!

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