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Crapo Seeks To Import Foreign Guns

When Boston sought permission to have a single prototype locomotive built in Spain for a rapid transit project, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo opposed the import deal under the “Buy America Act.”

Today that same “Buy America” patriotic Senator is co-sponsoring “The Collectible Firearms Protection Act” which would allow import of military rifles from South Korea…perhaps it should be called the “rifle reclamation act” since the guns were probably made in the USA originally and shipped to Korea.

From the Crapo press release:
“Crapo was one of 18 Senators who wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in early October, asking the State Department to reverse the decision to ban the sale of surplus M1 Carbine and Garand rifles from South Korea to qualified buyers in the U.S.  The Obama administration initially approved the sale, only to see the State Department block the sale.”

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  1. Is not the State Department part of the Obama Administration? I would be having a talk with Secretary Clinton.

  2. I do not see how trains and guns relate in this case. This piece of legislation deals with American made guns that are over 50 years old.

    Interesting articles explaining the issue and politics.

  3. Wow, comparing a locomotive built in Spain to importing guns made 50 years ago seems like a HUGE stretch to me. Lets be fair, one is a public works type project, the other is for collectors of military memorabilia. This are very old firearms, that are VERY legal to own by any U.S. Citizen.

  4. Man, I bet there’s a bunch of nice M-1 and M-14 rifles over there. Thx for pointing this out, I’ll start saving up.

  5. All I want to know is when and where I can get myself one of these M-1 Garands. I would think they would be in decent condition for collectors.

  6. Grumpy ole guy
    Nov 20, 2010, 3:00 am

    Maybe he’s hoping that the guns are so old they’ll mis-fire and create patients for his daughter’s hospital clients that he has ear-marked funds for.

  7. Satisfied Constituent
    Nov 20, 2010, 2:38 pm

    It’s nice to know this issue is one of Senator Crapo’s top priorities. Because there’s obviously nothing more important happening in Idaho than the shortage of military rifles from South Korea.

  8. Can’t stand Crapo, but who cares about the gun deal? Much ado about nothing. Bring em over.

  9. Opponent’s name is Tom Sullivan, Democrat. (Also Randy Berquest, Independent.)

    Second Amendment issue: Sen. Crapo received an A+ from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Not sure how much money if any he received from the NRA??? No surprise here, other than the ATF fears these antique rifles could be retrofited and pose a danger to public safety; this is a poor way out of the gate of a new congressional session with a mandate to fix the economy; and can the senator lift a ban on something others might collect or treasure, like cost of living adjustments (COLAS) for military/veterans and senior citizens, fair taxes, jobs, etc?

    It is much ado about something when special interests, even just collectors, once again are top priorities!

  10. My liberal friends are armed to the teeth. The M1 carbines might be the full auto version. Bring em on.

  11. This is Old News. August 19, 2010 (Brian McCombie) >Gundigest.com

    Those rifles were in South Korean Warehouses for the last five decades & could prove a treasure trove for military surplus retailers collectors and shooters.

    “Contact your congressmen and senators and tell them to expedite this matter concerning repatriation of American made Rifles”. Google the article at the above Web Addresses… Great Article… State Dept. (Clinton) Torpedoed the matter immediately prior to its completion.

  12. Alot of those types of guns are sold thru the Civilian Marksmanship Program, Id like to get an M1 myself. Im not sure if thats where these ones would be going, but seems likly.


  13. The headline, Supra, “Crapo Seeks To Import ‘Foreign’ Guns” is Patently UNTRUE. These are U.S. manufactured (1940s – 1950s) M1 Garrand & M1 Carbines. Korea obtained them circa the late 1950s – early 1960s. Korea wishes to sell them, as they are no longer of Military suitability. A warehouse full of collector’s Treasure Troves.

    EDITOR NOTE–From an economic standpoint won’t this dilute the value of existing “collector weapons” in the U.S.? Also aren’t we depriving all those Koreans of a chance to arm themselves against the threat from the North?

    Why “beat up” on Crapo? A ‘Bieter’ buddy (Hillary) beat’er buddy … was the One that stopped the deal several months ago, necessitating stalwart involvement of NRA & Senators such as Crapo. Crapo is a HERO. Get over it…

  14. This will not dilute the value of “collector weapons” & the reason they were denied by Clinton has Nothing to do with Economics. This is a Second Amendment issue. Where did you earn your Economics Degree? But for Hillary, this was a Done Deal.

    These weapons do not fire the NATO 5.56 mm (223 calibre). The M1 Garrand is 30.06 & the M1 Carbine is a 30 carbine Pistol cartridge. Both are no longer in Military Inventory. Korea Manufactures a number of excellent weapons (e.g., Daewoo) and has NO Need for 60 year old Military Surplus weapons. Dave, that’s why THEY are selling them.

    Thus, we are not depriving South Korea of any ability to arm themselves unless by denying them revenue from selling Vintage arms to have cash for MODERN WEAPONS & AMMO.

  15. I figure this is as much as the wussies at State can do to placate the appetite of today’s discredited and generally laughed at gun gabbers.

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