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Green Belt Coppers On ATVs Nab Errant Cyclists

We got a note from the “Citizens for Open Greenbelt” (COG)–the pro bicycle group–expressing dismay and irony over the practice of Garden City Coppers writing tickets to cyclists pedaling on the greenbelt in a contested area. The coppers drive a 4 wheel gas powered ATV on their patrol to ban bikes.

The pedal powered folks come afoul of the law ((11 by the COG count) because the residents in an exclusive subdivision along the river west of Glenwood don’t want commoners cruising their back yards. The whole issue is in court since the COG filed a lawsuit against Garden City and the State of Idaho.

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  1. When any part of the greenbelt is carved out, it is for public use. It does not belong to those whose homes surround it. The taxpayers of Garden City need this money spent like they need a shot gun blast to the head. I haved walked that area many times, and they won’t win. Conversely, It isn’t a wide area, and I rarely do greenbelt walking anymore because of rogue bike riders. So down here in River City we have ourselves a problem, don’t we?

  2. This is Insane
    Dec 10, 2010, 12:14 pm

    This is insane…..that we have cops giving tickets to bikes on the greeenbelt when we have so many people each hour speeding down my street at 20 MPH too fast and endangering moms walking with their kids.

    Our city leaders have their priorities really screwed up.

  3. I think a person can walk through that area right? People with bikes just need to get off the high-horse and walk the bike. That must have been the deal they made with the rightful land owners when eminent domain was used to take the property and privacy away from the rightful owner. I object if the signs are not clear, otherwise ticket is fine.

    Perhaps this is just an additional case of “the rules don’t apply to me because I’m on a bike.”

    I find so many on bikes, especially the really expensive bikes, lean so far to the left; I have no idea how they can remain upright. I stopped riding in the high traffic public areas because of the bad vibes these people have left behind with the other users.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 10, 2010, 2:04 pm

    If bicycles are not allowed then 4-wheeled gas-powered ATVs should not be allowed either.

    And yes, police priorities are screwed up when it comes to traffic enforcement, but they should be hunting down red light runners and not speeders.

  5. The only problem is that it was originally deeded because it would be a pedestrian and CYCLING path. It was changed because Evans shot his mouth off to the homeowners association, and promised things he can’t legally deliver!

  6. Zippo has got the facts wrong.

    This land was not taken from the Riverside Village folks in an act of eminent domain. In fact, it was property of the State of Idaho (that’s us), and was deeded to Garden City, with the condition that they maintain it as a public BIKE PATH. It’s all documented. It has never belonged to Riverside Village.

    I’m a little dismayed that none of the 11 cited cyclists decided to plead not guilty and take it to trial on that basis. (Thanks to the efforts of the COG, I’m confident those signs will soon be coming down, by court order.)

  7. Diane has some good points but we do disagree with her assessment that the bike path in Riverside Village is too narrow. Go to our website, select “links/photos” then “Photos of a walk down the bike path…” This bike path is plenty wide except for a couple hundred feet that needs to be fixed. And it is the same design/width as the Eagle City Greenbelt. Besides, the State expected the City to maintain this as a bike path and, of course, they are not.

  8. It tells me Garden City has too many cops. If they have the money to shell out $25/hour or more for this kind of foolish business their budgets are too fat and they have too many cops!

    Cut their budgets and this crap will stop. They will have to dedicate resources where they will do the most good.

    Just another case of those with the Gold making the rules for the rest of us. What a waste of time money and resources.

    Let’s be sure and make space at the county jail should one of the “criminal” bicyclists fail to pay his ticket or forget a court date. Should be worth …let me think….yea 20 days should do the trick in the county lock up for these criminal people in their bikes.

  9. Don’t be so quick to condemn the messenger! The cops work for the “less than qualified” mayor of Garden City. When he directs them to enforce this idiotic issue, they have no choice. The solution to this probelem will happen in the courts.

  10. I think we should be glad no cyclists have been tasered yet. Shows restraint by our force in blue.

    Boise is the best city in the US for white collar crime because the cops are so busy busting people on misdemeanor charges and filling the jails and courts.

  11. steve edgar
    Dec 13, 2010, 7:51 pm

    YGBSM! so much for the linked cities chamber of commerce green belt “people friendly” ads for newcomers………..

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