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Tuesday’s Daily Paper A Pleasant Surprise

We honestly doubt the GUARDIAN can take any credit, but Tuesday’s STATESMAN was chock full of local news of substance! They even offered up an editorial opinion.

–The Simplot family JUMP project got unanimous approval from the City P&Z commission and in the process the design review committee was publicly spanked for “overstepping the bounds of their authority.” CYNTHIA SEWELL’S STORY.

–The TRANSIT CENTER quest continues with Boise City and Valley Regional Transit passing out plenty of planning and feasibility study money. Team Dave is still pushing for a trolley and the GUARDIAN still thinks a decent bus system with investment infrequent buses and logical speedy routs beats the heck out of preconceived notions of tracks in the street.

–Canyon County HOME PRICES are still on the downhill slide according to a piece in the DAILY PAPER’s newly revived business section. The GUARDIAN isn’t the least bit surprised that Idaho is one of the leaders in upside down mortgages because we were one of the leaders when it came to qualifying people who couldn’t afford to buy. We posted tons of stories like this one under GROWTH topics.

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  1. Sure Dave, one day out of 15 or 20 they happen to have local news.

    However, the hilarious part is that I don’t think the “journalists” at the Staleman read their own paper. Sewell mentioned in a sidebar that things were hopping in downtown like the grocery store at 15th and Idaho. Guess she didn’t know that a day or two ago, Henry’s declined to build after all. And heaven forfend an editor catch these mistakes.

    EDITOR NOTE–Sewell was probably on furlough when Henry pulled out and now the editor is on furlough who would have known it!

  2. Well, Dave, I buy the editor being on furlough (if there even is one) but Sewell wrote the article on Monday for Tuesday’s paper. Unless she absolutely doesn’t read her own paper on her off days, she really should have known about Henry’s not coming after all.

    The mistake was really inexcusable.

  3. Being familiar with newsrooms, often times a story can be written and then shelved a pretty long time – up to a week, sometimes more.

  4. I’d like to see a fact check type story that shows the whole money picture full circle. From my tax payments/fees/etc to Dave’s downtown growth that puts more money and benifit back in my pocket then I gave him to start with… The fact check is the key… I think some of these values back to me are overstated. It should be a fairly easy way to calm the resistance. Why don’t they do it?

    EDITOR NOTE–You mean like the $5 million Boise Valley Economic Partnership that was to bring in 11,000 high paying jobs…or the $500,000 plus spent on ads in the United Airlines magazine that was to get CEOs to move their firms to Boise?

  5. Let’s not forget the press conference where bieter said ” while we are all disappointed that there has been a failure to move forward on this project, there are 2 or 3 developers waiting in the wings to step in and see this project completed”. Yup! He was talking about the famous tourist stop known as our “hole in the ground”!! It was in 2008!!! I am so tired of the lies that come from city hall!!!!!

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