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Mayor Hotline December 11 to 17

Kelly McDade
ISSUE: He took his dog for a run this morning at the park. They were throwing the ball for him to catch when an Enforcement Officer walked up and told him he would be cited because his dog was not on leash. Because Mr. McDade argued with him, he wrote a ticket for $76.50. Does he have the authority to write a ticket for whatever amount he wants to?

Mike Gallagher
President of SW ID District Council
St. Vincent DePaul
ISSUE: He received in his prayer bulletin a flier suggesting donations be given to specific charities. No one in this group does any more than St. Vincent DePaul, but it was not included. He was very upset that the city suggested the people of his parish give their donations to other charities.
Action Taken: contacted

Carol H. Gill
E. Braemere Rd.
Boise, ID 83702

ISSUE: She wants to express her strong support for the JUMP project. She has been appalled over the stumbling blocks that a project that is a magnificent gift from the Simplot Foundation has had to incur from Planning & Zoning, Design Review, and the City.

Guda Dryer
ISSUE: She heard that the City of Boise wants to name a new street and would like to give her input.
Mayor’s Office

Brad Acker
University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab
ISSUE: He needs information on Mayor’s Climate Action Plan (U.S. Climate Protection Agreement) to use in a proposal that he is writing for Idaho Power. He would also like a meetin
with the Mayor to present this report and a possible pilot project with possible funding from Idaho Power and maybe the City.

Carol H. Gill
E. Braemere Rd.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: Thank heavens P&Z reversed the DR Committee decision and upheld the JUMP project. She hopes that in the immediate future the Mayor will make a press release thanking the Simplot Foundation for giving this kind of a gift to the city.
Mayor’s Office

Jennifer Roy
N. Marcliff Ave.
Boise, ID 83704

ISSUE: She met with the Mayor at his Saturday Office Hours about her concerns over flooding after a fire hydrant had been hit. One of her concerns was that ACHD was not taking any responsibility for it because their storm drains were working fine. This morning with all of the rain, their street is backed up with water; it’s a perfect example of how the storm drains are not working fine in their neighborhood.

ISSUE: Several months ago the city took out the very usable bus-stop shelters and built new ones in their place; however, they do not have glass in them at this time, so they are not useful when it rains or snows.
Valley Regional Transit

Today there was either a stalled vehicle or an accident blocking the intersection at Broadway and Front streets. She wants the Mayor to know that she doesn’t appreciate the police officer’s rude attitude toward her. She thinks the public needs to be treated with respect, be helpful and polite.

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  1. Concerning the fellow who got the dog ticket…yes, the police can do pretty much whatever they want unless you sue. I was once hit by a police car while I was stopped at an intersection and I got a ticket…(in Virginia). Government is the problem.

  2. I really sympathize with this guy and hundreds like him who have been harassed and oppressed by this Dog Gestapo. There is a real story here about how heavy handed the city has become in enforcement of “dog laws” and how pathetic they are in providing ADEQUATE facilities for dog exercise. Unlike Nampa and Bend. I’m thinking of starting a blog to mobilize oppressed dog owners.

  3. Why is it the cities (and the taxpayers) job to provide for citizens pets? I thought the folk with the critters had that responsibility.

  4. The Gestapo cops are hard up to fight crime so they go after a guy playing fetch? Too many cops with too little to do.

    The same kind of Gestapo stuff goes on out at the airport if you aren’t parked just so for no more than some arbitrary time limit when trying to pick up people at the curb or drop them off. You will get yourself a ticket from one of these A-Holes. They’re just jerks and I am being overly kind in this assessment.

    Some cops forget their motto “To serve and protect”. Who was this badge heavy cop serving and protecting? Short answer is HIMSELf. He will more than likely be one of the bad cops of the future using a non lethal enforcement tool in an unauthorized manner like the cop who tazered the homeless guy.

    Badge heavy cops need to be weeded out of the force. They give the overwhelming majority of good guys a bad name. Too bad they don’t get more training with interpersonal skills for at least the same amount of time they spend with their Glocks and Tazers.

    Most people are not walking encylopedias of all the laws and educating the public has become a forgotten ability with a lot of the low level cops we have these days.

  5. Yeah, what’s up with the bus shelters? Those people are being blown to bits. And yes, if you have your dog off leash in a park, you get cited. The officer probably knew the exact amount, kind of like when you get a driving citation.

  6. Actually Fiona, the cops just enforce the laws the idiots we elect to the local and state and federal governments enact, the elected officials of course, believing that if they don’t continually pass new laws and regulations, they haven’t done their jobs.

    Why do we have so many laws and regs – it’s because the sheeple of America go along. Oh they may complain about this or that but as their liberty erodes they delude themselves into thinking they’re getting something for it. Don’t like the program on tv? Rather than turn it off, pass a law against it. Ah, that makes me feel better. Don’t like cigarettes, pass a law banning them from here or there (but don’t make them completely illegal – we need the tax money.)That’ll serve them right! You eat too much fat and sugar – pass a law against it!

    Face it. We’ve become a nanny state. Someone always knows what’s best for us and if you cross that line, well the cops are empowered to make you comply.

  7. All of you “Cop Haters” just calm down. Before you start to bash the City’s finest, maybe you should do some research. Boise City Code 13-03-06 shows the fine for a dog off leash as $25. Since this infraction would be handled through the Ada County Courts, they add court costs of $51.50. For those of you who are unable to add the two amounts that would be $76.50. So I guess since the officer wrote the ticket for the “EXACT” amount dictated by City and County Statute, that would make him “Heavy Handed.” Darn Gestapo Cops…… Fiona, you’ve just been educated!

  8. Before you all vent at the “coppers”, you should probably know that citations for leash violations are NOT given by BPD. They are issued by plainclothes enforcement personnel that have been given citation authority. BPD would only get involved if there was a Hassle between the enforcement person and the offender.

  9. IdahoSkeptic
    Dec 27, 2010, 9:59 pm

    If you dog people would simply pick up your pet’s poop in the parks/foothills and keep your animal leashed in specified areas, the so-called “heavy hand” of the BPD would not come into play. Your dog doesn’t contribute taxes that pay for parks. And I don’t pay taxes for your pooch to play. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen an off-leash dog attack another owner’s tethered animal. Who do you think wins that dog fight? Bottom line, put your dog on a leash inside city limits and pick up their poop so we can all be friends.

  10. Dog gestapo? Please. If anything the fine should be $250 not $25. What is it with you dog lovers? Leave your dogs at home, it is not he responsibility of the taxpayers of Boise to provide you with an outdoor public toilet.

    How much does Parks and Rec spend to empty garbage cans full of your pet’s waste?

    I don’t see you coming to my house to change my baby’s diapers.

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