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More Illegal Spending At YMCA by Caldwell

The Idaho Constitution and its pesky Article VIII, Sec. 3 has once again caused trouble for the City of Caldwell and its legal staff. The constitution bans obligations, liabilities and debts beyond a single year’s revenues without a vote of citizens. The reason for the law is to prevent a city council from obligating the […]

AG Sticks To His Principles On Land Issue

Gotta hand it to Lawrence Wasden, Idaho’s Attorney General. While we disagree with his Land Board position when it comes to the state owning and operating a storage business under the guise of “obtaining maximum return for the education endowment fund,” at least the guy is consistent. He has taken his fellow Land Board Commissioners […]

Mayor Hotline November 20 to 26

11/22/10 Lee Lives in neighborhood near Ustick ISSUE: Some people just moved into a rental house at 3269 N. Tylerson and he thinks they run a private wild land firefighting company because there are some huge fire vehicles parked in their driveway and in front of the house. The trucks parked in the driveway are […]

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