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Seeing Is Believing, A Matter Of Perspective

At lunch today we met with an old friend in an attempt to explain the GUARDIAN philosophy is to stimulate discussion, debate, and common sense. The photo above was in mind when we told our friend the image has a different meaning for anyone who sees it–just like many of the stories we post. To […]

“Flight Rage” Lands Boise Man In Slammer

When a teen aboard a Southwest Airlines flight on the tarmac in Las Vegas failed to turn off his cell phone prior to take off, a 68 year old Boise man allegedly took matters into his own hands, reached across the aisle and either punched of tapped the kid on the shoulder. The vigilant (vigilante) […]

Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

As a follow up on the earlier post about Ada County filing suit against the cities over magistrate court facilities, we thought it would be interesting to see how much revenue is generated on a single ticket or DUI conviction. Here is how it breaks down in 4th District Magistrate Court: The allocation for a […]

Mayor Hotline December 18 to 24

12/20/10 Charles Bogue ISSUE: The light in front of the Library at Ustick and Cole needs to be changed to a regular light, solid green, yellow, and red, because he and his family have almost gotten hit five times. Today somebody ran the red light and almost hit his daughter and him as they were […]

Nampa Cheese Plant Noisy As Promised

Nearly two and a half years ago the GUARDIAN published a CHEESY STORY about an impending noisy, smelly new whey tower that would have caused Little Miss Muffet to fall off her tuffet. Here’s what a nearby frustrated neighbor has to say about the noise at Sorrento Lactalis’ cheese plant. By TOM FLANARY Eight and […]

Ada Sues Boise, Meridian, Garden City

Ada County has sent Christmas Greetings to Boise, Garden City, and Meridian in the form of a lawsuit and a demand the cities pay up millions of dollars for magistrate court facilities provided by Ada County. The lawsuit was filed last week in Fourth District court and is part of a long festering feud between […]

Boise County Prospectors Still Abound

Since the gold rush days of the mid 1800’s, Boise County has been a target for get rich quick schemes…like the guys who “salted” gold in the area known today as Bogus Basin to make it appear a valuable claim. The huge forested county north of Boise has a history of suspect local government, a […]

Greed and Politicos Diddle Retirement System

A reader sent us a link to a WALL STREET JOURNAL story about ailing public retirement plans. Idaho’s PERSI (Public Employee Retirement System) covers city county and state workers so each city doesn’t have its own burden, but we still need reform. PERSI is full of flaws that cost taxpayers millions and is in danager […]

Mayor Hotline December 11 to 17

12/12/10 Kelly McDade ISSUE: He took his dog for a run this morning at the park. They were throwing the ball for him to catch when an Enforcement Officer walked up and told him he would be cited because his dog was not on leash. Because Mr. McDade argued with him, he wrote a ticket […]

Christmas Greetings From The GUARDIAN

GUARDIAN Year In Review Ballot

We are working on our 6th year at the GUARDIAN and it is time to have you weigh in on the biggest stories of 2010. The most disappointing for us and a clear victory for government and big money was the passage of the three state constitutional amendments which take away our right to vote […]

GUARDIAN Warned of Fizzled Fission Three Years Ago

Thursday’s story by Rocky Barker in the DAILY PAPER about an alleged scam involving the SEC investigation of Alternative Energy’s proposed nuclear power plant near Payette didn’t really surprise us. The GUARDIAN, along with readers and writer Jo Kirkpatrick warned folks of the “smooth operator” in this NUKE STORY. Our hat is off to the […]

Lauren McLean To Fill Bisterfeldt’s Seat

Team Dave announced that Lauren McLean, manager of the 2001 Foothills levy campaign and a planning and zoning commissioner, is the choice to be Boise’s newest city council member. The council today confirmed Lauren for the seat that will open up in January when council member Vern Bisterfeldt is sworn in as Ada County commissioner. […]

F&G Still Looking For Hammer Flats Money

Working on the upcoming “best of 2010” stories list, we came across the May 29 HAMMER FLAT land deal announcement between Boise City and Idaho Fish and Game, prompting an update. Seems Boise’s cash payment for the wildlife habitat still hasn’t been repaid by F&G seven months after the deal was revealed by the GUARDIAN. […]

Tuesday’s Daily Paper A Pleasant Surprise

We honestly doubt the GUARDIAN can take any credit, but Tuesday’s STATESMAN was chock full of local news of substance! They even offered up an editorial opinion. –The Simplot family JUMP project got unanimous approval from the City P&Z commission and in the process the design review committee was publicly spanked for “overstepping the bounds […]

Paramedic School Hit By CWI Competition

Editor note: Despite the GUARDIAN name, there is no connection between the blog and the school in Meridian. As the economic woes continue in Idaho and the USA, we thought this piece was worthy of a post here. It demonstrates the difficulty of the private sector in direct competition with the government–CWI in this case– […]

Daily Paper News Content Lacking

Apart from endless stories about BSU football, we have noticed a paucity of local news content in the STATESMAN of late. Not only have they cut staff–and consequently coverage–the paper has put staffers on a rotating “furlough” system that results in a week of no editorials with the pages being filled by syndicated columnists or […]

Green Belt Coppers On ATVs Nab Errant Cyclists

We got a note from the “Citizens for Open Greenbelt” (COG)–the pro bicycle group–expressing dismay and irony over the practice of Garden City Coppers writing tickets to cyclists pedaling on the greenbelt in a contested area. The coppers drive a 4 wheel gas powered ATV on their patrol to ban bikes. The pedal powered folks […]

Mayor Hotline November 27 to December 3

12/2/10 Joe Records Ellis Ave. Boise, ID 83702 ISSUE: The two handicapped spaces in front of city hall are a mess from the snow. They need to be cleaned so those who have to use them don’t end up ankle deep in water/slush when they get out of the car. ACHD Action Taken: Emailed ACHD […]

Moose & Elk To Get GPS Collars

We finally figured how all the moose and elk of Eastern Idaho are able to navigate the mountains so well: GPS! It must drive those critters crazy to hear, “Turn right in 400 feet. Recalculating. Arriving at Winter Range on left. Recalculating.” Apparently when the snow melts the collar sends the game to higher elevations […]

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