Ada Commishes Get “Personal” At New Term

Despite public statements to the contrary, it will be hard to imagine a harmonious atmosphere at the Ada County Commishes’ office in the coming months.

The IDAHO STATESMAN finally went public with a “dirty secret” that many media folks (including the GUARDIAN) were aware of, but reluctant to publish.

In a nutshell Commish Sharon Ullman’s ex-boyfriend contacted newly elected Commish and former City Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt saying bad things about Ullman–none of which we can determine were criminal in nature or involved her position as a public official. Bisterfeldt took the bait, hired a private detective to investigate her and now finds himself with “information” nobody seems to want. Prosecutors in two counties have declined to file any charges or even launch a formal investigation.

Ullman got wind of the Bisterfeldt efforts over a month ago and fired off a series of middle of the night e-mails to a local TV newsy she thought was working with Bisterfeldt. The reporter at one point in the exchange threatened Ullman with legal action if she continued to contact him. He denied that he was working on a story with Bisterfeldt. The content of the exchange was trivial and not worthy of posting on the GUARDIAN.

To the best of our knowledge the entire affair is about personal relationships. Ullman says she has nothing to hide and Bisterfeldt told the Statesman he was not ready to divulge the results of his private investigation saying, “You’ll just have to wait and see. When I get to the bottom of it, I will either have something or I won’t.”

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  1. Vern is lower than Snakebellies
    Jan 5, 2011, 4:57 pm

    To have ANY elected official “investigate” any other is the most arrogant, self appointed action I can think of let alone it is just plain STUPID!

    IF there was a concern a competent elected official should use the appropriate Prosecuters office and proceed. Vern IS NOT a police officer or ANY OTHER kind of law enforcement person and to have him act as such is WRONG!!!!!

    His action shows how shallow he is and proves he is just another politio that would rather play politcis than do things right.

    What an embarrasment he is.

  2. I am glad they published what they did – it confirms to others that Mr. Vern is not at all the kind of person we should have serving. He should resign – NOW!

  3. Vern just won’t be happy until he is back in High School along with the requisite braces and zits. This is not rational adult behavior on his part and he looks just plain pathetic. He is rapidly losing his alpah-male status to Ms. Ullman in this caper.

    We have to ask ourselves if Vern is on the front end of dementia or if his inner child has caused him to take leave of his senses.

    It may be time for good old Vern to hang up his spurs before he gets trotted off to the “NERVOUS HOSPITAL” for a few days of much needed rest and some anti-depressants.

  4. You hit exactly on what makes this non-story a story, their representations that they can play nice. But then again, nobody believed it anyway.

    The state of media today will spill tons of ink on the “substance” of this puppy, far more than if they published the agenda items of the last Commission meeting.

  5. Oh my God! I bet that ex-boyfriend forgot to put the toilet seat down.

    Can we re-name this the Ada Kounty Keystone Kommish Khronikles?

  6. Luke – I could not agree with you more. He needs to resign over this huge lack of judgement.

  7. Sisyphus is correct. There is nothing like the smell of blood in the water to set off the media.
    However, to you other three gutless, anonymous morons (Fiona, Owen and the very inane VLTS) you aren’t capable of packing Bisterfeldt’s lunch box! Each of you can take the big spoon you are using to stir things up and put them where the sun don’t shine!
    So back away from the keyboard and stop making yourselves look even dumber than you are!!

    Jim Monihan

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 5, 2011, 9:05 pm

    I read the Statesman article this afternoon and again now after following the Guardian’s link, and found no mention in the Statesman of ex-boyfriend, nor most of the information in the Guardian’s third paragraph. Odd.

    If it is true that the e-mails Bisterfeldt has do not concern Ullman’s “position as a public official”, then why is he investigating her? That would be out of line, I agree with some of the posters above.

    This whole thing, coupled with the pay for court suit, and most of what is reported by the Guardian, tend to convince me more and more that local governments are staffed by incompetent elected officials, have way too much power and authority, and need to be drastically de-fanged.

    EDITOR NOTE–We got our information through the e-mails exchanged with the TV newsy and other direct sources. As always, the GUARDIAN doesn’t reveal sources, but we don’t knowingly post ANYTHING that isn’t true.

  9. Clearly Vern is trying to act on some sort of vendetta that goes back decades when Sharon must have hurt his feelings. Couple that with Roger Simmons behavior during his term that overlapped with Sharon’s and his behavior since then and it’s clear that Vern and Roger care not one whit about the taxpayers and voters of Ada County but about themselves and their own personal hatreds.

    I think Vern totally marginalized himself with this clown act. Sharon and Rick are not going to tolerate these kind of shenanigans. Everyone knows Vern is run by Roger (that huge intellect), Roger went after Rick with a vengeance this last election (remember Rick beat Roger to kick him to the curb) and now Vern wants to play nice? Then why in heck did he leak this story? And if he really wanted to play nice and work for the citizens, why in heck did he listen to a disgruntled boyfriend. Poor judgment Vern.

  10. Don’t be so quick to judge either side until you have all the facts before you.

    In general, beware of lying ex-boyfriends and yellow journalism.


  11. Just a note on the assertion that “Vern is run by Roger.” Methinks the reverse may well be true. Vern has been Roger’s rabbi from the time Simmons was hired to “run” the Western Idaho Fair.

    Aside from that observation, there is not much in this developing situation that should surprise anyone who has knowledge of the history of friction amongst members of the Ada County Board of Commissioners.

  12. Was any public money involved?

  13. I have never understood Vern’s appeal.. other than he seems to say what he thinks. Whether he is right or wrong is another question. If it’s truly a private matter that is unrelated to her job, this private investigator thing is just crazy.

  14. Vern needs to get checked for Dementia.

  15. Sharon had a boyfriend????


    Wonder if it was her Web site photo that attracted him. The one with the black hat, guitar and hotpants.

    In Ada County government, many things are possible and are achieved in many often strange ways.

  16. Vern is really a democrat that pretends to be a republican…always has been and always will be.

    Besides that he just wants more retirement credits and has nothing better to do than play politics.

    We would all be better off if he retired. Or in this case resigned.

  17. Oh gees, personal relationships should not be shared. Sharon next time you date make sure the fellow is deaf mute. Vern sit on the information til it gets uncomfortable and then set it out on TRASH day. There problems solved.

  18. Well how does anyone know if it does or doesn’t have to do with the job or really is just personal when the press, including the Guardian, refer to emails and letters that they then do not print or post? Show enough respect for the public as to let us read the same thing you read, and let us make our own determination of what is going on.

    EDITOR NOTE–“Trust us.” In our case we didn’t want to know, didn’t seek the info, and would certainly stand to be sued if we posted it. If you really want to see it, file a public records request.

  19. Muck Raker ~ That was my mini skirt! My hot pants were at the cleaners that day! 😉

    FYI… It is not a “guitar” in my picture. It is a Fender jazz bass.

  20. Political affilitations and philosophies aside, thank you to Commissioner Fred Tilman for his service to Ada County and to Idaho.


  21. I know of several outstandingly good business people who’d do a great job running our communities, and nation for that matter… if only they would not be subject to this kind of low-level “Jerry Springer” lacking of character and merit critique.

    Just think where America would be today had we elected Bill Gates or some other visionary 15 years ago.

  22. Vern…I can’t believe we continue to elect this guy. Those of you on the “inside” know that Vern DID NOT resign from the County 15 years ago. There was another issue that prompted him to “take leave”, blaming it on his health. Maybe he should remember that before hiring a PI to throw dirt on someone else.

  23. Anyone interested in a “nuclear blonde” on the BOCC? Stay tuned…


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