City Government

Mayor Hotline January 8 to 14

Linda March
ISSUE: She has a complaint about these Chinese companies eying Boise. She doesn’t want China building plants here because they are a Communist country. She suggests that the Mayor and Governor pull back because people don’t want them here.
Mayor’s Office

Anna Resnick
Brick Oven Bistro
Graffiti outside on planters
Action Taken: Contacted, gave her graffiti hotline number

ISSUE: He’s tired of the street people panhandling and threatening him and his daughter.

Deputy Kortipatis
Ada County Sheriff’s Office Field Program
Labor Detail
C – 870-8428, W – 577-3460, H – 342-4499
She wanted to talk to someone about helping with graffiti removal.
Action Taken: Contacted, gave her graffiti phone number

Partha Inderson
President of Taxi Drivers’ Association
Five more taxi drivers got tickets waiting in line at the Airport. Help is needed on the first come, first serve line because it is being violated. Giving tickets is not going to help solve the problem.
Partha Inderson
There are so many taxi drivers getting tickets and they don’t make that much money. He gets so many complaints from the drivers every day and can’t help them.

Jennifer Owen
Boise, ID 83705
She has an acquaintance who is in jail and she has tried more than once to talk to his public defender but has not been able to get him to call her back. She has some information that might help.
Action Taken: Contacted

He has been going to the Boise Senior Center occasionally during the last year. Today, as he was eating at another senior center, the manager told him that an individual at the Boise Senior Center was checking up on him. He wants to know why they want to pick on him.
Action Taken: Forwarded to Senior Solutions

Partha Inderson
President of Taxi Drivers’ Association
He is sorry to say that the Mayor is not honest and his justice is not right. No one came to see what is going on at the airport.

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  1. With unemplyment at near 10% and the foreclosure rate as high as it is in the valley, the ONLY question that should be asked of a chinese (or any other) company that wants to do business here is ” Is the check good”????

  2. Mr. Inderson, I also am sorry that our mayor is not honest. It is one of his “shortcomings” that we have had to deal with for years.

  3. Program Boise City taxi into your phone, call, and skip the stag line.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 20, 2011, 1:13 pm

    I have not seen or heard of any evidence regarding the “dishonesty” of the mayor and/or city council. Poor judgement – there is plenty of evidence of that.

  5. It is no secret Mayor Bieter wants to make Boise an inland air freight hub. The Chinese may not have a representative republic like we have but they do have and maintain a level of civil order that most of their people accept.

    What we hold near and dear may not be what the Chinese people hold near and dear. They worry about a lot of the same things we do from unemployment, inflation and a decent standard of living for their people.

    Thanks to our waste and spend antics we can now call the Chinese “LANDLORD”. They own us and it is just now sinking in on some rudimentary level for a lot of concerned citizens in this country

  6. Rod,
    2 1/2 yeras ago he campaigned touting “107 acres of new parks”. Reality? Not ONE blade of grass was sewn.
    Press conference after the last failure of our now famous hole in the ground. “It is too bad this didn’t come together, but there are 2 or 3 developers just waiting to take over” Reality? Go downtown and look! YUP! It’s still there over two years later.
    I can go on all night but in the interest of space…..

  7. Poor Anonymous over at the senior center! Stop checking up on him while he’s at a senior center! Senior Center people! jeez.

    LOL I wish they still did the verbatim transcripts…I would’ve loved the scoop on that one.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 21, 2011, 3:25 pm

    Development is still underway at the new 70 acre Maryanne Williams (?) Park at the new East Parkcenter Bridge.

    Press conference ??? I wasn’t aware that he had EVER been questioned by the press.

  9. The graffiti is getting out of control. Little makes a community into a ghetto faster than this sort of vandalism.

  10. News flash: Many American political leaders envy the structure of China’s system. The hardest part of their job here in America is they need to run for election over and over. They’d like to put a stop to that.

  11. I think we should restructure our debt with China while our navy is still 7 times bigger than theirs.

    Too bad we keep electing these whimps that pandor to anyone who so much as grunts at them. China will have the upper hand all around in about ten years… American will then export it’s natural resources on the cheap and all these kids who are experts at computer games, but can’t read or write, will be the labor in the mines. Your pension and free health care will be underfunded.

  12. Zippo, that is an imaginary number..we have around 300 ships…1/7 of that is what 75…

    China has 144 ocean going vessels and is building dozens while we are not.

  13. JIMV 11 to 0 on carriers, but 5 are in overhaul most of the time. Their navy would be on the bottom in a few days tops as it is now. You are correct however in that we are out of money and they are not. So not suggesting a war… suggesting we have some advantages remaining but not for long. Thank you so much all you weak leaders of the past 30 years.

  14. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 22, 2011, 7:26 pm

    I am in agreement with JIMV on the graffiti. Odd, isn’t it.

    I think Zippo will find himself alone in declaring war on China over $$$$. At one time I advocated going to war with China to free Tibet – that made and still makes, more sense than attacking Iraq and Afghanistan.

  15. Strictly noting the number was imaginary, and that Chiba will reach parity in serious number in under a decade and then surge ahead as we get less ready.

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