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Elected Officials Actually Eat With Commoners!

Boise City Councilors can take a lesson from State Legislators when it comes to being approachable.

The new dining digs at the Statehouse are now “open to the public” for breakfast and lunch, according to The DAILY PAPER’S Dan Popkey. Combined with actually TALKING to citizens and asking for advice like the JFAC hearings, perhaps there is hope.

Boise doesn’t have a cafeteria at City Hall, but councilors routinely eat catered meals in the mayor’s conference room while citizens mill around outside between the afternoon pre-council meeting and the formal meeting in chambers.

Even a “box lunch” atmosphere would be nice, if not just letting folks come in and graze over the munchies and chat.

We know the GUARDIAN is hardly a good example, but if you ever tried to contact a councilor by phone, e-mail, or in person, chances of a response aren’t great…there ARE exception.

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  1. And herein lies the problem. Rep. Stephen Hartgen dines with his son-in-law Trent Wright who just by happenstance is a LOBBYIST for auto dealership! “Here is the latest photo of your grandchild. By the way, I need you to support bill # 1234 for the auto guys” Maybe just a “titch” too close???

  2. Sorry – I would loose my lunch if I had to eat with the Boise Mayor and Councilors. Too much self rightousness to keep the food down.

  3. Well, around here they kinda are commoners… many of em got the best job they’ve ever had.

    Let’s use it as a model… or a dare, for the federal bunch.

    (This is off topic, but I know they’re watching this, because there’s food involved.) One more law I’d like all of them to pass. “For each new law we must remove two old laws… Extra complicated new laws remove ten old laws… If a 8th grader can’t tell you what it means it’s null and void.” Oh, maybe one more… “The president can’t cut and paste from old speeches… or bow to commies.” And also, “They must call themselves elected representatives again… not lawmakers.”

  4. I would think a RSVP system for meetings would be helpful. Most of the meetings I have attended and attendance is sparse the public is invited to share in the pizza or sandwich board along with chips and water.

    I don’t think the lock out is a big deal. These folks are giving up lunch of dinner time to meet and sort out public business.

    However, memberships to the ARID club ala CCDC Director Phil Kushlan enjoyed are over the line.

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