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Latin Latch Locks Pretty Purse

The Day Job took us to South America in January, but we did come up with a neat little idea for local restaurateurs that is sure to please the ladies.

One upscale eatery we visited in Lima, Peru had attached carabiners–those spring loaded rope clips that rockclimbers use–to the underside of the corners of each table as a secure spot for ladies purses. Rather than hang their valuable “stuff” on the back of a chair, it was safely stashed close by and it took two hands to squeeze the latch open.

They used a flat loop which allowed the carabiner to swivel freely, thus preventing any snagged skirts or pants. Great idea and not very costly.

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  1. Crime? Do you mean to say they have crime in places other than America? You are not being kind or PC to our neighbors to display them in this light.

  2. I have done a fair amount of traveling in my life. I feel safer in the good ol USA than anywhere else I have ever been.

    I have never been assaulted when traveling but I always had the feeling things could get ugly quickly in some parts of the world.

  3. Zip,Paul,

    When white collar crime is so lucrative and law enforcement looks the other way, why would the good folks of the good ol USA have to worry about petty crime?

  4. You need to get out more Dave. There are quite a few local jewelry/crafter types that make these cute littl things that a lady slides over the edge of a table, or desk, and it has this little hook type thing that is under the table where they can hang their purse. When they leave, they just toss this thing in their purse. I bought some for my wife and daughters a few years back. The advantage to your find is that I believe my girls have long since lost the portable ones.
    Besides, purse snatching in central and south america is a science passed from one generation to another.

  5. Damn, I guess I’m going to have to start carrying a box cutter again if I want to snatch purses. (You know that’s why thieves were called “cutpurses” in old writings, don’t you?)

  6. sam the sham
    Feb 8, 2011, 4:42 pm

    Cyclops is right Dave. Besides, here, should a hook be placed under a table ledge, someone is bound to bump their knee or thigh on it then there will be a law suit, and will the restaurant be the deep pocket or will the company that makes the purse hook? Anyway, it is a good idea which cannot take off here due to lawyers, guns and money. Each country has it’s own people out for your money… Welcome home.

    EDITOR NOTE–First, the carabiner just hangs lose and no chance of bumping it. Second, we have been informed they have PURSE HOOKS at the bar at Bardenay! Maybe YOU need to get out more. 🙂

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