City Government

Mayor Hotline Feb 5 to 11

Barbara Pond
North End
ISSUE: Traffic at Collister Drive and Hill Road is heavy around 5 in the evening. It is a great place to put in a traffic signal. She also likes the new timed crosswalk signs.

Stephen Graham
PO Box 1069
Homer, Alaska 99603
ISSUE: In a call to Utility Billing the employee refused to identify him/herself by name, and then disconnected the call. He is a former member of the community and he feels he should have been treated better.
Public Works

Jerry Starbard
Westland Place
Boise, ID 83704
ISSUE: Fairmont Park on Northview and Milwaukee Streets is full of dog feces. People should be fined for not picking up after their dogs.
Parks and Recreation

ISSUE: Called graffiti hotline but nothing was done because the graffiti is on private property. He would like to know what can be done about graffiti on private property and public utility installations.

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  1. On 29th and Sunset, the owners of the 29th street property have built a fence halfway into the street. Why do you refuse to do something about a situation so blatantly illegal?

    EDITOR NOTE–GUARDIAN checked with ACHD and there is a legal agreement to build a fence at 23rd and Sunset on right of way. If there is one at 29th and Sunset, please call the ACHD right of way office for more info.

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