Civil Unrest Looks The Same In Boise or Pakistan

Two images of civil unrest looked shockingly similar Friday. The Guardian shot of teachers and students in Boise doesn’t have the same passion as the Google News/Reuters image in Pakistan, but then again, the education folks weren’t protesting about murder either.

Students and teachers wielding signs protesting Idaho Super of Ed legislation to force on line classes to answer budget questions.

Anti-American protest in Pakistan. Raymond Davis, the American held in Pakistan on double murder charges for an incident in Lahore last month, is employed by the CIA as a contractor, US sources closely following the case said on Monday.

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  1. The Pakistan signs look much more professionally done. Hmmmm….

  2. Now is the time I wish I sold florescent poster boards.
    “I’d like to buy the world a coke…..”
    I guess I missed the local sign that says “It’s all about me! What about me?”

  3. We are finding out the limits to growth this year. Along with all the perceived pain in the legislature we may just have to settle on the reality at all levels of government…you take in $1 you can spend $1. There is no Santa Claus, Tooth Ferry, Easter Bunny or Obama dollars to solve the budget shortfalls this year.

    We are in a deep nasty recession and it may be a jobless recovery to go along with all the pain.

  4. dontcarenomo
    Feb 21, 2011, 11:44 pm

    Yes, just look at all those property owning, taxpaying children eager to raise taxes and spend more money on education.

    Public education has been forced to endure cuts like everyone else and has screamed the loudest how it can’t afford any cuts whatsoever. So they should be immune to cuts, but everyone else should suck it up?

    It’s simple math. We don’t have any more to give. Knuckle down like everyone else and wait out the financial bad times like everyone else.

  5. I’ve never known any demonstrations at the Statehouse to make any difference with what the Legislature does just as I’ve never seen the legislators concerned about the Constitutiality of any proposed legislation. I hope for the sake of our schools and teachers and students I’m wrong this time.

  6. Why isn’t someone going on trial for exposing the CIA agent? He might have gotten out before that little tid-bit.

  7. At least the kid with the “Call of Duty” sign learned honesty. (But probably at home.)

  8. One of the differences is that I havent heard much automatic weapon fire around the Boise demonstrations.

  9. The looks on the faces may partly have to do with surviving cold temperatures. And Americans are complacent while watching our middle class destruct, while billion dollar companies pay little to no taxes, and contribute heavily to campaigns. Luna’s agenda from the very beginning, the first campaign, was to derail the unions. Period. Then he got caught up in some kick backs from these other folks. I don’t think most Idahoans are going to care about booting these senators out next election, because in this state, all you have to do is spout the tea party propaganda, and you’re in. No thinking required. Entitlements don’t need to be stripped. The greedy just don’t want to give up their fair share.

  10. Lunatics – mostly women. Pakinuts – men only, women home in body bags.

    Lunatics and Pakinuts both have signs in English. I realize Pakinutstan used to be an English colony, but have they really given up their own language?

    Lunatics – passively holding signs and don’t look all that engaged. Pakinuts – slavering and bloodthirsty.

    Lunatics – using children “for the children” Pakinuts – children are made to be suicide bombers.

  11. Pollypinks,
    Its folks who think like you that are part of the problem.

  12. Frankenstien, I know where you are coming from “dude”! I also think I have seen the black helicopters!!!
    If you really believe this, then you must absolutely detest Barney Frank And Chris Dodd. They are the ones that pushed this housing problem over 10 years ago! So if you are looking for the devil’s spawn, I suggest you start with those two!!
    Pollypinks, PLEASE tell me you don’t drive! The thought of sharing the roadway with you sends a chill up my spine! You aren’t un-informed. You are dangerous!!

  13. Oh Cyclops. You must read further. I knew about Dodd’s Irish cottage and Mozilo’s private slush fund long before anyone heard the name Mozilo. I am waiting on the March 7 disclosure/subpoena to find out who Mozilo financed. I am just dying to see if bank of America fully complies…that could be some great schtick.

    In the meantime, watching the new American lunacy unravel while the bankers laugh all the way to well, the bank of course.

  14. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 24, 2011, 9:56 pm

    Those who caused this recession (rich bankers) should be made to pay both in terms of cash and prison sentences. If they don’t you may see some real “civil unrest”.

  15. I was going to keep my thoughts about the “demonstration” to myself but….. It always seems like the insipid, banal and useful idiots show up at anything that would give them a reason to live for that day. I do not agree with Luna about on line classes but that is not the issue and another comment. The issue is unions and money. I could start “Karen’s Useful Idiot Sign Company” and use only small print.

  16. I agree with you Karen, there does indeed, seem to be a certain type that will protest anything! I do wonder why you are against the on line study plan. I fail to see how 4 courses during a students secondary career would make such a huge difference in their learning experience. It seems to me that this is completely about money and labor. A couple of days ago I was speaking with an acquaintance that happens to be aa teacher at the secondary level. He stated that he couldn’t care less about the class size, or the on line studies. For him, this was entirely about money and his ability to provide for his family. I respect someone that is truthful and up front about an issue. I have real problems with someone who “hides” behind some heartstring argument to gain a result that is totally different.
    Do you need an investor in your new endeavor??

  17. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 27, 2011, 1:59 pm

    There are real issues being discussed and to dismiss them (and those on one side of the argument) as “insipid, banal, and useful idiots” is, well, idiotic.

    The problem with state budgets nationwide, as well as here in Idaho is less income, due to a recession. Those who caused the recession just got their tax breaks extended while the state governments are expecting middle class teachers, firemen, cops, and other state employees to pay for problems they didn’t cause. Is that banal enough for ya, Karen?

  18. The real similarity is behind most of these “citizen” protests, there is an organization behind it, marketing the protest, providing the pre-made signs or at least the materials to make the sign. In some instances compensation to come out and protest.

    Those who stand to loose money or influence (if you believe the two to be any different) will mobilize their resources to protect their interests.

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