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City Sends Jr. Steelheads To Penalty Box

Once again the Idaho Junior Steelhead hockey team is on thin ice with Boise City Parks for flashing more than their skate blades. One stupid pucker has ruined it for the entire team.

The folks at the City-owned Ice World took exception when one of the players “mooned” a teammate in a public lobby. There were no little girls present this time, but an Ice World staffer saw it and officials decided the pattern of hockey players exposing themselves warranted at least a two week ban from using the city facility for practice.

In October of 2009 the entire team engaged in a team building exercise called “strip hockey” which required players to remove an article of clothing if they missed a goal during practice. A mother and her young daughter complained they shouldn’t be exposed to the Chippendale-type show. That action put the team in the penalty box for a couple of weeks.

The GUARDIAN sought the security video at the time, the city balked (claiming a national security reason) and we sued them successfully in court. Ironically the video was of such poor quality we didn’t even post it. This time the posing pucker was not captured on tape.

Doug Holloway, of Boise Parks told the GUARDIAN that in addition to the two week team ban from using the ice, the offending pucker had to write a letter of apology and do 10 hours of slave labor (“community service”) at Ice World.

The team was also ordered to come up with a code of conduct that presumably would include keeping their pants up whenever they had a stick in their hands. A code of conduct for these puckers would be akin to charm school for cage fighters.

If the player was so eager to show his teammate what he was made of, he should have waited a few minutes and the boys could have showered together in the locker room.

EDITOR NOTE–This incident brings to mind the “midnight run” a couple of staffers made to Burger King aboard Zamboni machines a few years ago.

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  1. Grumpy ole guy
    Feb 24, 2011, 6:54 pm

    Egads! KIDS! acting like KIDS! Where will it all end?

  2. Makes me wonder about what kind of “teambuilding” exercises we don’t know about

  3. High sticking and,or fighting will get you a 5 minute major. If you drop “trou” it costs you two weeks and 10 hours of slave labor.HMMMM?
    Rather “victorian” don’t ya think? Why don’t they just close the ice during their practise and put a sign on the front door, Junior Steelheads on the ice! Enter at your own risk!!! The notion that we have to change the entire operation because some “den mother” pitched a bitch is getting a little old!!!If, in fact, if we are going to run the city this way, it is time for me to sit down with the mayor to discuss his resignation. Because I am “pissed” and he needs to go! Hey! it seems to work at the city owned ice rink. Why not at city hall as well?

  4. Why can’t they be like civilized hockey players, and just beat each other up??

  5. Where are the Mama Grizzlies! This is absolutely shocking. What would Sarah Palin do? Hockey moms, get America back on track!

  6. Hey, I thought the zamboni “incident” was hilarious and those poor fools should have been disciplined not fired. No harm, no foul.

  7. sam the sham
    Feb 24, 2011, 10:58 pm

    lol thank you bikeboy, I needed a good laugh today after the Luna(y) passing in the statehouse!

  8. Bikeboy wins.

  9. sam the sham
    Feb 25, 2011, 10:43 am

    bikeboy and the zamboni drivers!!! As stupid as it was, it’s a great laugh (no harm, no foul is right).
    “why did you leave your last job?”

  10. I’m with grumpy old guy. Big deal. When did seeing someone’s butt become something so outrageous that what…we feared for our safety? Our lives were ruined?

    People are incredibly insane. They take everything personally, throw pity parties for themselves and whine like victims. Gawd, it’s an epidemic and pathetic. Thinking the whiners are far worse than the mooners.

  11. Somebody should of given that kid a “slapshot” (spanking).

  12. The Zamboni incident is worthy of a movie or song. That was classic.

  13. Shut Up! The ice rink is a public place, you bunch of childish women bashers. There, is that “Mama Grizzly” enough for you? The action the rink officials took was appropriate. I hope the military families enjoy the rink at an upcoming event especially for them. I hope you enough this site without the likes of decent women like me intruding on your man time.

    The End

  14. Whoa! KTA. Back away from the keyboard. Take a good breath and chill. I take it you have never seen women’s hockey. They are vicious beyond belief. Junior league players, of either sex, are aggressive, sophomoric, and prone to the more base practical joke. In the end(not intended) they are kids. If we want to climb on them, then the statement that they leave the locker room filthy would be where we should start. Our society has become way too easily offended by such minor actions. The offense wasn’t done in a crowded lobby, (as I understand, the only spectator was a male P&R employee.) I fail to see the foul here.

  15. Frank Zappa – Kappa (T&A):

    Hello; self satisfying words … “the likes of ‘decent’ women like me…”. Little doubt Queen Victoria in her wanton puritanical rants would have said the same … without touching upon, of course, some of the rather disgusting acts of England under her ‘rain’ of ‘decency’ (India would be a good start).

  16. Frankenstein Government
    Mar 1, 2011, 11:50 am

    Kappa TA’s comment typical of the type of thinking that the officials pander to. This is why they do what they do. Thinking I will watch for her on the high ground- which she alone possesses.

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