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Mayor Hotline February 12 to 18

Joanne Solomon
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Issue: Got a parking ticket for being two minutes over the time limit.
Action taken: Contacted via e-mail

Angela Anderson
ISSUE: Would like to speak with someone about her sewer bill, which is double her water bill. She has been in contact with her sewer company, but nothing has been done.
Public Works

ISSUE: Keep the doggy parks; don’t put in any more in. People aren’t cleaning up after their dogs already. Part of owning a dog is cleaning up after it.

Mark Andrews
ISSUE: Needs copy of his driver’s record for job applications, but it costs $7. He is unemployed and doesn’t feel he can afford the fee.
Action taken: Contacted and gave contact info for ITD and DMV.

John Driscoll
ISSUE: Hockey team was banned from ID Iceworld. He would like to speak with director of Parks and Rec about coming up with a different resolution.
Action taken: Already contacted

Jerri Wood
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: Tried to pay ticket for pet citation at Ada County Courthouse, but it hadn’t been processed when she tried to pay it (within the 10 day timeframe). She went back later and has to pay $50 more. She does not appreciate this.

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  1. Here’s a solution to the Poo in the Park.. all dog owners have to go barefoot.

  2. This city is going to the dogs!

  3. sam the sham
    Feb 27, 2011, 8:41 am

    I have my first dog. I finally realized that it’s not the fault of the dog that it humps people’s legs, leaved poop all over the place and barks all of the time… it’s the fault of the owner. I do not go outside with my dog without plastic bags in my pocket (which are always used). It’s a little dog – but still it produces poo which I am responsible for picking up. I’ve given bags to people who give me the excuse “I can’t pick up after my dog, I don’t have a bag” and they just take the bag and walk off. . . . I am disgusted!

  4. Thanks Joanne for confirming your meter was expired when you got the ticket, and for wasting the City’s time by having someone respond to your “problem” when you were admittedly at fault.

    We are sorry that time here in Boise is different than in PA. We only allow 58 minutes per hour, hence our parking meter trap. Thanks for coming to Boise, hope to see you again.

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