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Mayor Hotline Feb 19 to 25

Zach Greer
Zip: 83607
ISSUE: Are there rules against playing guitar on a bench in downtown Boise for money?
EDITOR NOTE–Zach, it depends on whether the musician can play well. Anything helps, God bless!

ISSUE 1: Police should go to the alley between 1010 W Franklin Street and 1016 W Franklin Street between 6:30 – 7:00 a.m. Kids are smoking cigarettes in that alley. They also litter and cut through the yards/private property in the same area at lunch time.
ISSUE 2: Graffiti is continuing to increase in the neighborhood around Boise High. NE Corner of 10th and Franklin has a piece of graffiti on the curb that has not been removed.

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  1. Graffiti and underage smoking are both down this week, as the perpetrators gather at the Statehouse to protest the Lunacy.

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