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Goose Dog Spared Death Penalty

An orphaned pooch facing the death penalty has gotten a reprive, but will still go to prison–and she hasn’t even committed a crime!

We did a story about GOOSE HERDING dogs two years ago and it looks like only recently has the Boise Parks Dept. followed up on action passed by the ParK Board at that time. Spokesperson Amy Stahl was kind enough to do some research and offered the following report (GUARDIAN comments in parenthesis).

Here’s what’s new at Warm Springs Golf Course, according to General Manager Scott McGeachin:

Warm Springs Golf Course has a new puppy that was rescued from a farm in homedale. The owners had to move and they were going to put the puppy down.

We have contacted the Idaho Humane Society about the correction facilities training the puppy. The puppy needs all her shots before the prisoners can start training.

It is a 6 week course that the puppy will be at the correction facility 24/7. Then the prisoners train the trainer. There is a waiting list for the program. We are currently bringing KiKi out to the golf course to befriend the golfers at her young age. This will help her become more friendly to golfers. (And not bite their balls?)

Kim, a border collie previously patrolled Warm Springs Golf Course for 12 years. She passed away in 2009.

Don’t have any other news about the use of dogs patrolling geese in parks, however, park managers continue to explore possible solutions with Idaho Fish & Game officials.

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  1. We can anticipate disgruntled messages on the Mayor’s Hotline.

    Anonymous: “I work for City Parks. I’m calling to complain that we were recently cited for dog-off-leash – it’s our goose-patrol dog!”

    And Help Wanted ads:

    Wanted: Boise Parks is currently hiring dog handlers who are able to chase along behind our free-range goose-patrol dogs with a plastic bag… Marathon runners will be given special consideration.

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