Urban Renewal Bills Moving Along

In a comprehensive look at current legislation, Idaho Statesman reporter Cynthia Sewell explains the issues surrounding urban renewal in Idaho.

Check out her piece, it is worth the read on an important issue for any who cherish the right to vote and shape their surroundings.

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  1. If they (the legislature) “grandfather” CCDC and leave them to continue this theft from the tax rolls, someone’s ass should be headed to jail! I want to see legislation passed that CCDC fought every step of the way! Maybe we could address the problem of CCDC saying they “answer to the city council”, but then they pull something stupid, like paying Kuslan’s dues at the Arid club, city hall says that CCDC is “an independant entity”. What a crock!!! (Kudos to Sewell! Another good job)

    EDITOR NOTE–“Districts” are specific areas–not to be confused with agencies like CCDC. I Boise we have the Downtown District, River Street District, Linen District (west downtown). CCDC runs them all, but any new ones like the 30th St. area would require voter approval if these bills pass.

  2. Pretty funny how Idahoans absolutely hate it when the Feds try to micro-manage things in Idaho. You know, wolves, pesky wilderness and EPA issues.

    Yet the same want Idaho to micro-manage local issues of urban redevelopment.

    Theft? You want to talk theft Cyclops? When was the last time any significant money was spent in the greater downtown area? The way I see it, most of the tax receipts from the greater downtown area for decades have gone to pay for suburban infrastructure.

    EDITOR NOTE–Cynic, far from micro manage. The current urban renewal law is without ANY oversight from ANY ELECTED body. Surly you can’t condone such autonomy. You currently have no voice if they choose to ignore the 30th Street area…regardless of your point of view, it should be heard at the polls. Future CCDC boards may not favor your view and you deserve to be heard then as others deserve a voice now.

  3. Guardian;

    Boise City Hall, i.e., the Mayor and Councilors, has control over the URDs. Asking for a vote for URD officials is like asking we vote for members of the President’s Cabinet. I don’t think the founding fathers intended we vote directly on every last thing. That’s why they set up a republic and not a direct democracy like ancient Athens.

    Regarding local control, we already have Boise City officials to elect, Boise School District Board of Trustees to elect, ACHD Commissioners to elect and Ada County Commissioners to elect. Anyone else? Honestly, it’s really a full time job to keep up with it all and to vote in a fully informed way.

    I think we would be better served by expanding city council so that more than every 36,000 have a councilor to represent them. I really wish you’d spend as much time on our disenfranchisement as you do on attacking URDs.

    Furthermore, people in our very own VPNA seem to have no clue what a URD even is or how they function.

    EDITOR NOTE–Cynic, you are simply wrong in any claim that cities have ANY authority over URDs. That is the problem! The URD is an “independent body corporate and politic” and not part of ANY government at any level, yet they get property taxes diverted from all those elected bodies that we vote for. I would be happy if URDs were part of the city so they had to follow the Idaho constitution, include their budget as part of the city development procedure, etc. Once created by the council a URD is without oversight for any spending or compliance with municipal law. Even councilors who sit on the board are there “wearing another hat” according to the Idaho Supreme Court.

    I agree with having a broader representation on the council.

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