Urban Renewal Remains Without Oversight

Despite the efforts of urban renewal reform proponents, non-government agencies funded by tax dollars remain without oversight, thanks to a legislature apparently averse to allowing citizens a voice in their government.

At least 10 bills were considered during the session–most aimed at allowing citizens some sort of vote to either create UR districts, approve debt, or elect members of the boards. The legislators denied citizens any of those rights.

The political tact employed by the cities was, “Without urban renewal we won’t have jobs or new businesses.” The thrust of nearly all the bills was ACCOUNTABILITY and it is still lacking.

As close as they got was a rule to hold a hearing–lotta good that does!

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  1. It can always just self-correct, like in Detroit were a house is about 10K

    So is this Micron work lasting or just a few months of retooling?

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