TVCTV Favors Democratic Politicos

Local public access cable channel 11 at TVCTV hardly is hardly in the league of National Public Radio, but they have sure left themselves open to claims of liberal bias.

A press release about an upcoming fundraiser telethon says,”TVCTV’s mission is to facilitate a free exchange of ideas, community dialogue and cultural and artistic expression for the residents of the Treasure Valley,” they just want to do it with elected Demo politicos and no Repubs.

Their cast of performers features nary a single Republican, but includes at least 5 Dems…not exactly a formula for success when it comes to getting big bucks from big business. A spokesperson told the GUARDIAN they were working on getting some Rs into the studio. In addition to the channel 11 broadcast, TVCTV provides live coverage of Boise City Council meetings on Cable channel 98.

Their release follows:

A two-hour live variety showcase featuring local musical groups, comedy, martial arts and magic and including cameos from City of Boise Mayor David Bieter, Idaho State Senator Nicole LeFavour, Idaho State Representatives Brian Cronin, Cherie Buckner-Webb, Sue Chew – and more! – is slated for Saturday, April 2, 4-6 p.m.

The vaudeville-style show is a fundraiser for Treasure Valley Community
Television (TVCTV) and will air live and rebroadcast on Channel 11 and
simultaneously stream live on

Isaac Grambo is the master of ceremonies and the lineup includes: the Ben Burdick Trio, comedian Pat Mac, magician Mental Wes, Treasure Valley Fitness Martial Arts Curb Cup Winners, two-time National Slam Poet Brandon Follett, the Cowbelles and more. Interspersed may be historic moments from the TVCTV archives – look for snippets from The Disco Duo, The Grambo Report and Modern Bob’s 21st Century Art Show.

There will be a live phone line answered by celebrities and a Pay Pal button on the website for donations: 343-1100 or

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  1. The Repubs don’t want any form of PTV and to that end they won’t be seen in any PTV fundraising events. I don’t know much about the local cable channel covering Boise City Council meetings but IPTV does a wonderful job of covering the legislature as well as other programing that makes us all better citizens of the world via all the different programs.

    They get $60/year from me with no complaints and I am happy to get the tax deduction that goes with the donation.

  2. So?

  3. So, if they get gov funding stop. If they don’t get gov funding it will fail anyway.

  4. I’ll set my DVR.

  5. grumpy ole guy
    Mar 22, 2011, 10:20 pm

    Do we know if any GOPers were invited? The fact that there are only Dems showing up doesn’t mean very much without knowing who was invited.

    EDITOR NOTE–Only Dems politicos were invited, but the TVCTV boss lady said they were working on getting some Repubs and noted there was one guy–not an elected official–who had views to the right. Doesn’t matter the party affiliation of Ms. Buckner-Webb as long as she sings!

  6. I don’t believe that Republicans want to do away with NPR or Public TV. They simply don’t want to use taxpayer money to pay for it. Anyone out there who really thinks the lack of tax money will cause them to go away is just wrong! Have you listened to either one? Every 5 minutes this guy with a great voice comes on and says, ” This program and similar programs are brought to you by the (insert foundation or business name here)”.
    So, in effect they are already selling ad space and that is a good thing.

  7. sam the sham
    Mar 23, 2011, 9:33 am

    What appears to be the problem is that the R’s want to be special and own it all. If it’s not their ball to control then it’s obviously bad and “left wing”.
    Hey, I have taken part in TVTV. At that time I was not asked anything about religious, political nor sexual preferences. They just wanted to know if I wanted to learn how to make TVTV programs or help out others making their TVTV programs. Sounded fair to me.
    Kinda like kids getting together to play a game of ball in the school yard. But now the kids have to deal with the bullies of the school yard.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Mar 23, 2011, 11:20 am

    NPR & PBS tend to tell the truth. That’s bad for Republicans, so they oppose it.

  9. grumpy ole guy
    Mar 23, 2011, 12:34 pm

    Actually cyclops, the Tea Party DOES want to do away with PBS/NPR in their ever-addled minds any information which leads to enlightenment is a commie-pinko-liberal plot to overthrow the status quo. they are sort of stuck in the 12 century and very happy there.

  10. Treasure Valley Community TV is primarily a volunteer operation. Its facilities are open for anyone willing to pay a small fee and take a bit of training.

    If Republicans and their ilk are not appearing on TVTV or producing their own programs, it because they’ve chosen not to, not because TVCTV has excluded them. People self-select; they are not “invited.”

    TVTV has no affiliation with PBS or Idaho Public TV. It is given access to Cable One’s Channel 11 as a condition of its city franchise.

    Looks like the “reporter” of this story could use a little journalistic training to learn how to check “facts” before wielding his hatchet. Have you, for instance, some special knowledge of the party affiliations of those who appear on TVTV to substantiate your statement that “Their cast of performers features nary a single Republican…”?

    EDITOR NOTE–Gary, I didn’t deserve the snarky condemnation. I got the release from TVCTV and they did indeed INVITE only Dems to appear on the fundraiser. Alex was chagrined to learn they had not invited any Repubs for their “talent show.” The issue is not who appears, it is literally the “cast of performers” they ASKED to appear in their telethon. The mention of PBS and NPR was because the Republican controlled congress is trying to stiff those agencies…one Dem in Washington suggested they should stop spending any public funds at FOX NEWS–like Army recruiting ads, census announcements, social security notices, etc. FYI, management of TVCTV and the GUARDIAN are on cordial terms and probably of like mind.

  11. No-Team Dave,

    I will agree that it was short-sighted of the person organizing the telethon not to have considered partisan balance in the lineup, but she is not a particularly politically oriented volunteer. Cherie, for instance, is one of TVTV’s founders. My guess (not confirmed) is that the others were invited because of their previous involvement with TVTV.

    My “snarkiness” stems from your snarky generalizations from this instance of political incorrectness to making the erroneous assertion that TVTV wants to accomplish its laudable mission “with elected Demo politicos and no Repubs” and that “Their cast of performers features nary a single Republican…” You seemingly have little knowledge of who appears on TVTV.

    If you intended those comments to refer only to the telethon’s guest, your writing did not make that clear. Perhaps you could use an editor to moderate the snarky tone of much of your “reporting.”

    EDITOR NOTE– If you are offering your services, we would be glad to have you as a GUARDIAN contributing editor. Perhaps you would have better luck getting info from city hall than I have. Seriously, if you have any topics you wish to discuss, you are welcome to the space.

  12. Well Grumpy I’m one of those “tea party” folks you talk about and I for one really enjoy NPR and PBS. I listen and watch both regularly. In fact I have even donated in the past because those Outdoor Idaho productions are so interesting to watch. I understand that they are in general a left leaning group. I don’t have any problem with it, most organizations or groups of people that work or socialize together tend to have similar world views and opinions and overtime develop some form of group think. Regardless, they produce good news and entertainment and would have an audience with or without government support. I would be in full support of them keeping their non profit status but government funding should stop. This is 2011 we have free public information everywhere on the internet and even network tv. Public Television and NPR served their purpose when information was scarce but their productions are no longer necessary for the public good. Keeping them independent and non profit is an excellent idea but on the public tit is just unnecessary.

  13. Why does every organization funded on the public dime always represent the left. Is it not possible to have such a service that is actually (shudder), unbiased?

  14. GOP nosiree
    Mar 30, 2011, 5:57 pm

    Hey, I was one of the TVCTV folks at the Capitol and we tried and we tried to get GOPs but they declined. Declined. No thanks, they said.

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