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City Election Could Be Ultimate “Job Stimulus”

It hardly ranks near “Dancing With The Stars” or “American Idol,” but there is an import vote coming up in November–for Boise City offices.

Team Dave’s figurehead, Mayor Dave Bieter and four council seats are up for grabs. There is no primary for these city offices, but at seven months out we don’t see any candidates popping up. Haven’t even heard any rumors.

Of course, the incumbents will tell you they haven’t decided if they will run or not and they will also speculate there is no opposition because folks are so happy with the status quo.

No doubt about it, the job is time consuming and thankless–especially with the likes of the GUARDIAN sniping away every time a thoughtless decision is made. It does come with a fair amount of perks including a salary of about $22,000, state retirement and health care benefits.

Councilors whose terms expire include, Elaine Clegg, David Eberle, Alan Shealy, and Lauren McLean. Normally only three members are up for election at a time, but since McLean was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Vern Bisterfeldt in January, there are four seats up for grabs. Bieter has two elections under his belt and is likely to go for a third attempt. Interesting to note at least 50 people applied for the appointment to fill Bisterfeldt’s seat without election. Will any of them run if they have to pass muster with voters?

The GUARDIAN is urging everyone to contact potential candidates so they can begin fund raising efforts and get up to speed on issues as diverse as the “desire named street car” or the unbridled spending on advertising aimed at manipulating public opinion for the trolley folly or another ball park.

We will offer space on the site to any and all candidates open enough to share their views with readers. It would sure be fun to have a really young member, one or two NOT in lockstep with the others, and a few who will return phone calls like Vern always does.

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  1. The problem with running for public office is the media has made it a free for all. They can’t just deal with the candidate they have to deal with every family member back to Adam and Eve when someone runs for office. Most people just do not wish to have their family members run through the mud.

    The second issue is the sheer costs of running for an office that pays so little and the uphill battle it is to knock out an incumbent.

    Third issue is apathy. Most people just don’t care who is on the city council as long as the toilet flushes , water is running and the potholes are fixed. Voter turnout will validate this observation. People for the most part just don’t give a hoot for local politics. Too bad because that is where the big impacts on their taxes lies.

  2. Paul for Mayor! Good points about reasons why the job does not attract the people we really need in leadership.

  3. In addition to Paul being right on, why would any reasonably intelligent individual want to associate with the Bumbler. He, at best, exudes Jr. High leadership skills. If he hadn’t removed the 10 Commandments or had neighborhood meetings, he wouldn’t have anything to his name. He’s now talked a couple of blind innocents into running for the Greater Boise Auditorium Districts Board so he can rob them of their money to help build his absurd baseball stadium. As Paul stated, this is why we get what we get.

  4. Wow, is this a Tea Party site? Why is The Guardian against any progress or moving forward in this city?

    EDITOR NOTE–if having competitive elections is “Tea Party” we are guilty. We feel the same for the Repub dominated legislature as well.

  5. Did I read that correctly? 22,000 a year? I thought the City Coucel was a full time gig, or am I mistaken.

    What does the mayor make? Just wondering.

    EDITOR NOTE–We are operating on memory because we can’t find the salaries on the city site, but Bieter has kept his salary at about $90-94,000 with little or no increases. He also has not taken any car allowance. Chief of BPD gets about $118,000 and is highest paid city official right next to city atty. Team Dave staffers and other dept heads also do very well.

  6. What Paul says about candidates and their families being run through the wringer is right on, but that happens at all levels, and we generally seem to have a lot of people willing to run for Legislature, governor, Congress, president, etc. Of course, maybe the opportunity for bribes, kickbacks etc. isn’t high enough on City Council?

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