GUARDIAN Featured In Columbia Journalism Review

A highly respected professional journal, the Columbia Journalism Review (Columbia University), has featured the Boise GUARDIAN in a recent article.

Our humble attitude and softball reporting style was probably what got the attention of one of the top J-schools in the USA.

Take a read at CJR. If you are a newsmedia reader or an Idaho Press Clubber, you are welcome to take note as well–probably worthy of a short piece.

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  1. Do you find it at all ironic that they mis-spelled the nature of your reporting style? This is the “prestigious” Columbia School of Journalism? Supports my contention that many college educations are wasted on the illiterate.

    EDITOR NOTE–Nice catch. We could use your talents at the GUARDIAN!

  2. Does this mean that they are wrong when the city says you aren’t a credible news source?

  3. Congrats Dave,

    Nice props, and you deserve it.

  4. I knew you would get some long deserved recognition. It has been a pleasure to read your opinions and what you have added to the running of our local communities.

    Good job, BG.

  5. Also, Muckraker…this…


  6. Mr. Guardian… for a staff of one, who happens to have a “day job,” you keep the bar raised high!

    It’s nice that the hoity-toity Columbia people recognize you once, but your loyal readers appreciate you on a steady basis.

  7. Well done Sir! Anxiously awaiting to hear about this on the news!!

  8. Well done, Dave! Keep quirky.

  9. Columbia where Mr. Guardian? Are you involved in the drug trade? Or is this the one in Manhattan. If it is the one in New York… well I would have more respect for the one in South America.. but of course I am from Idaho City. What would us Idaho folks know?

  10. The Guardian has devoted a significant portion of his life to make our’s a little better, yet some of us can’t seem to pass on the “jab” at every opportunity.
    Congratulations Dave! Hey Porky…
    You must not have lived in Idaho City very long. The people I know that are “old-timers” up there were raised with better manners!

  11. Well done sir, it’s so nice to know the snobs are reading this. And in consideration of the fact that they are, and this story in particular:

    Would someone please tell me where my Obama money is. He’s going to go on TV this week at tell the entire nation he’ll give us more Obama money if we vote for him again. So is it just me, or did other people’s checks get lost in the mail also?

    I’m willing to bet the people are willing to be lied to again. I’d like to thank the Obama for the mass awakening of America. However it appears we need four more years of shock treatment, this time with an inflation chaser and a Chinese national in a cabinet position to really get our fat butts off the couch.

    PS: Does he get another new caddy then too? Or will it be an import, due to the fact that he sold that part of GM. And isn’t it a bad idea to drive such a flashy car in America’s most dangerous “gun-free” neighborhood?

  12. Gee, I dunno, B.G. — if the
    Eastern Elite start liking you, that kind of worries me. šŸ™‚
    Re: “Iā€™m willing to bet the people are willing to be lied to again,” we got so used to it with the last 30 or 35 presidents that we hardly notice it anymore. So far, though, B.O. ain’t coming anywhere near matching some of his predecessors.
    Anyway, you expecting precise truth from any politician is a bit like the Boise Guardian expecting truth in legislative arguments — total pipe dreams.

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