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Conservation Group Heads For the Hills

The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley is after $580,000 by the end of the year to acquire a parcel of Boise foothills land for hikers and dog walkers. The area is known as Harrison Hollow off Bogus Basin Road.

We applaud such private efforts and will go a step further, offering them some tips used by Boise City when it comes to manipulating values for private land.

–First, lock in the sale price–which they already seem to have done.

–Then get an inflated appraisal like Boise City did on the land off Gowen Road in the three way shooting range land swap it conducted with the DOCTORS several years back.

–Finally, give the landowner a “certificate of gift” so he can get a big tax deduction and hopefully lower the purchase price by some portion of that amount.

If the Land Trust folks have already done this, good on them. Next move is to either keep the land out of the city or get it de-annexed. We hear the city regulations are onerous and “too expensive” to comply with–even for the City!

Finally, don’t get involved with Idaho F&G, they will lock you and your dogs out and never pay for it!

EDITOR NOTE–If any of the greenies and dog owners want to offer a contact, we will gladly publish in hopes of some donations.

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  1. Nice one, Fraz!

  2. So do the fish and game guys get to hunt that land when we are locked out?

  3. I personal know a Fish & Game guy that walks his dog up there.

  4. If you wish to donate to the purchase of Harrison Hollow, go to

    Or call 345-1452.

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