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PERSI Scam Not Mentioned In CDA Press

The COEUR d’ALENE PRESS ran a Saturday story that looks to us like it was planted by someone within the Idaho state government aimed at getting government worker retirement raised–or to draw attention away from the political abuse of the system.

The GUARDIAN doesn’t know where this story came from, but it is a self serving skewed look at PERSI. The state retirement system is a huge scam abused shamelessly by former legislators and elected politicos of all stripe! They “serve” for years on boards, commissions, and public offices that pay a token amount like city councils, legislature, and part time public jobs. Then they get appointed–or elected–to jobs worth $80,000 and their retirement is based on the highest 42 months. The result is a tidy undeserved retirement that pays a highway district commissioner who made $100 a month (except for those magic 42 months) considerably more than a state trooper or teacher who served 30 years.

Conversely if they get voted out of a high paying office, they come back as appointees or small time commissioners to get their time in and collect PERSI based on those previous highest 42 months.

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  1. God love him, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, but just why do you think Vern wanted to end his long career as a well paid county commissioner and not as a city councilman?

  2. Vern already was collecting Persi after he retired from being a commissioner the first time.

  3. Just take a look at some of the appointements made by Gov. Otter and where they came from to see who benefits from the magical 42 months.

    It is a well know perk to pursue amongst those in the Legislature.

  4. To go from a part time job at what?,less than $20 thousand to a full time gig at around $90 doesn’t hurt the old PERSI. And he deseves every bloody penny of it! In fact, he is the only politician I can think of who does!!

  5. Not to mention the farm subsidies (welfare) many of the legislators get. What’s not to like about government especially if the Idaho voter dopes think you are against government. Another reason to keep em uneducated.

  6. I’m ready for my 42-month appointment.

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