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Boise Bistro Bustles At Bin Laden Buzz

President Obama addresses the nation and diners at Papa Joe's restaurant in Boise with news that Osama Bin Laden was killed by USA military forces.

An audible hush fell over the dining room at Papa Joe’s eatery on Capitol Blvd. Sunday night as the TV screen normally running silently with sports action suddenly came alive with a BREAKING NEWS! message that Bin Laden was dead.

A waiter quickly turned up the sound and soon an eclectic mix of college students, beer drinkers, and diners were craning the necks toward the screen. Speculation about a drone, where and when Bin Laden was whacked, who would collect the $25,000,000 reward and whether or not it would be one of those oversized Power Ball checks were bantered about as folks awaited the appearance of President Obama.

The GUARDIAN, sensing, a historic moment, grabbed a camera to record the event. Here are some of the comments from those watching:

  • “It may not be over, but revenge sure is sweet!”
  • “I fear it will be like whapping a bee hive. There will be retaliation.”
  • “It brings no closure to me. We need to know a lot more about it.”
  • “Good speech by Obama and it DOES feel good at the moment.”
  • “Glad our boys got to do it and not one of those drones.”
  • “I figured he would die before we found him and no one would ever know where he was.”
  • “I am shocked! I don’t really know how I feel right now.”

Throughout the room there was a definite sense of approval, but not a mood of euphoria or celebration like that of Washington, DC.

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  1. Is the world a better place with him gone? No doubt.

    However… the jubilant celebrating in the streets reminds me a little of those barbarian celebrations halfway ’round the world, minus the “lu-lu-lu-lus” and AK47s being fired into the air.

    Osama leaves behind plenty of terrorists to fill the void, unfortunately. (Thank goodness li’l ol’ Boise, Idaho hasn’t been on their hit list since the Statehouse was barricaded by Gub’nor Dirk.)

  2. After all the pomp and circumstance has cooled down about Bin Ladin’s death I hope we fervently thank the Navy Seals for their courage, stealth, and learned ability to carry out such a dangerous undertaking. God bless all of them.
    I pray that Bin Ladin gets all 70 of his promised virgins and they are lesibians.

  3. This demonstrates the persistence of the United States Government and members of our armed forces. It will not do much to qwell the violence in the middle east. The goofy Imams and their followers want all of us dead and will continue to use children and suicide bombing to continue the violence.

    We seriously need to find an alternative to oil for energy and cut all ties with the arab world. I don’t know how we do this but I think natural gas, now in abundant supply might be a start to energy independence.

  4. Winds of change are blowing and not necessarily waxing from Washington, D.C. The days of U.S., England and France may be on the wane with a HUGE new Power Player: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). A Seismic Global Shift.

    Please peruse: http://english.pravda.ru/health/01-05-2011/117757-BRICS_can_change_the_world_order-0/

  5. Let’s hope it sends a message> We won’t give up.

  6. Why the heck do they need to call the Whitehouse for permission to shoot scum like this? At least they dumped him in the ocean so we don’t have to watch the annual celebrations at his grave.

    Those countries which protest the death of this criminal should not be getting any of my money… but they are.

    Skorzeny, what are you talking about? China yes… but some of those others are run by mobsters… some still get $$ aid from us.

  7. We can’t support Medicare or Social Security But we can support these countrys that turn on us.

  8. Foreign Terrorist Organizations, an interesting topic. Now, states Rep. Mike Rogers: US Will be Relentless in Pursuit of Terrorists.

    We need look no further than those in the U.S. that provide Money and possibly other logistical support to Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Nor all are of Islamic extract. Take Boise, for example.

    It is well known that a significant number of Basques live in and around the general vicinity of Boise. It is also known that ETA or Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (English: Basque Homeland and Freedom is a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Although its ability to inflict violence has declined steadily since the group was at its strongest during the late 1970s and 1980 (when it managed to kill 92 people in a single year), it remains a serious threat.

    The group is proscribed as a terrorist organization by the Spanish and French authorities, as well as the European Union as a whole, and the United States.

    This convention is followed by a plurality of domestic and international media, which also refer to the group as “terrorists” see, e.g.,:

    > French list of terrorist organizations, in the annex of Chapter XIV
    EU list of terrorist organizations PDF (43.6 KB) 29 May 2006

    > Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). Web.archive.org (2008-07-09). Retrieved on 2011-01-30.

    > “Eta gives terrorists disguise manual”. The Independent (London). 2007-12-15.
    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/eta-gives-terrorists-disguise-manual-765286.html. Retrieved 2010-03-27.

    It is hardly a secret that providing monetary and or logistical support to a FTO is a Serious Federal Crime.

    Apparently, fund raising events in Boise may have allegedly violated the law by funelling money to ETA. Oh! it is only a “Spanish” problem???

    ETA performed their first car bomb assassination in Madrid in September 1985, resulting in one death (American citizen Eugene Kent Brown, Johnson & Johnson employee).

    ETA has American Blood on their FILTHY Hands.

    EDITOR NOTE–In the interest of free speech, we are posting your comment. How about some corroboration on the “fund raising event” sending money to ETA.

  9. Skorzeny, not a good career, or social, move to speak ill of the Basque in this valley. They are considered “freedom fighters” whose goal is independance from both France and Spain. To compare them on the same level as Muslim extremists is a real stretch of reality. The Basque end game is a small sovereign nation that controls its own destiny. Muslim extremism, on the other hand, seeks worlwide conversion to Islam and total implementation of sharia law. If it is OK with you, (OK, even if it is not) I will worry about those that wish to kill US! Do I celebrate Bin Laden’s death? No, I don’t. Glad he is gone, but there are many to take his place. This whole episode is simply a first step in what should be our foreign policy with regard to terrorists. We must make it mre dangerous to belong to such groups than the benefits they receive from their participation.

  10. Cyclops: Terrorists are terrorists. ETA is on FBI Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) “list” – whether YOU like it or not. I am reticent to believe the FBI and Interpol (among others) have such a salutory high opinion of ETA as yourself.

    The supporters of Al Qaeda probably believe, no doubt, that Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Fatah & Ad Nauseam are, as you so disengenuously stated “freedom fighters” as well, utilising your pro-terrorist logic.

    Libya had a relationship with the IRA. Will veiled support of the IRA, another FTO, be next on your list of “freedom fighters” ?

    Query: ever consider what the family and next of kin of the U.S. citizen, Eugene Kent Brown – think of these “lovely” ETA “freedom fighters”? Sounds as if you are in bed with Terrorist Propaganda Toadies.

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