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Mayor Hotline April 30 to May 6

Bob Cogswell
Eagle Hazard Reduction (Company)
ISSUE: He is concerned about the fire ordinance that requires everyone to be responsible for a 30 foot defensible space. Someone will have civil action taken against them for not keeping that space clear and that the fire mitigator will profit from this. Since the state set these mitigation plans up, his liability insurance increased exponentially. The fire mitigators are private businesses who are representing public agencies. None of these mitigators have liability insurance, which he believes will cause problems for the taxpayers.

Bruce Fabbi
ISSUE: Multimodal center should be at the Greyhound station; there shouldn’t be a separate bus station for local buses. Mayor Bieter should pursue light rail in the Treasure Valley. ACHD is great for our county; he doesn’t think each city should have its own street department. Communication between the agencies could be improved by getting an ex-officio city member to sit on the ACHD Commission.

Jim Barker
San Jose, CA 95111

ISSUE: A neighbor has a tree that drops blossoms with purple dye onto his property’s driveway, which has caused damage to vehicles. The homeowner refuses to trim the tree’s limbs.

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  1. Don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news Mr. Fabbi,(OK maybe I do) But is is extremly difficult to work together when you all hate each other to begin with. So goes politics in Treasure Valley!

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