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Abandoned Bodies, Hookers In Meridian, Naked Man

Naked men protest crooked politicos in Mexico City several years ago.

Without the legislature in town and in the midst of the TV ratings “sweeps week,” the news is just a bit tawdry–but still fun.

The DAILY paper reports the arrest of a man in the North End wearing a birthday suit and it wasn’t even his birthday. KIVI exposes hookers in Meridian, KBOI-TV tells us we may be paying to burn and bury “unclaimed bodies.”

Well, not to be out done in the quest for readers and viewers, the GUARDIAN hauled out this image from a past trip to Mexico–a place more renowned for violence than nudity. Warm weather is so nice to celebrate, no matter how you do it!

These guys were protesting crooked politicos. If the North End fair weather fan is smart, he can simply say–like the guys in Mexico City–he was protesting the actions of local politicos.

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  1. I’d point you to KTVB’s sweeps month work – Live Tour: http://KTVB.COM/news/live-tour

    Pretty different approach.

    EDITOR NOTE–And just how could we justify the naked Mexicans picture based on the Dee and Mark tourist bureau coverage?

  2. Meridian wants the new convention center. That’s why hookers are workin there.

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