Ada Probation Agency Comes Under Scrutiny

The GUARDIAN has received a series of complaints of late regarding Ada County’s misdemeanor probation system and its private for-profit operating company.

While several of the complaints are admittedly from offenders who have gotten on the wrong side of the law, we find there is also a philosophical issue with the coppers who get caught in the middle when these private agents “violate” the probationers freedom and seek to put them in jail. The private contractors are not “peace officers” under the Idaho code, so they rely on local law enforcement to make arrests. This is supposedly done under some sort of blanket “standing court order.” Even to the coppers, it is confusing.

Our problem with giving ANY private company the authority to manage probation is the potential to keep people in the system in order to make a buck. It has the potential problems associated with private prisons, especially when the contract is worth several million dollars.

A condition of most court-ordered probation includes drug testing via urine analysis. Insiders tell us there are as many as 4,000 offenders in the probation system at any given time. They are required to pay at least $50 (soon to increase) to join the club and also for the cost of the drug tests.

Now we find through public records the Probation Director has incorporated a drug testing company at the same address as the Ada County Probation office. Ada Commishes are aware of the allegations and have launched an investigation into the operation of the office.

Below is the text of two messages the Ada Commishes are examining.
It is time for an expose on Nancy Cladis and Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Services.  The Ada County Commissioners have awarded Nancy Cladis the contract to privatize misdemeanor probation enforcement for the last ten years, for millions of taxpayer dollars. 

Now, Nancy Cladis is starting her very own drug testing company so that she can refer probationers for drug testing at her company and make double her money!  (See new corporation filings with the Idaho Secretary of State dated
December 3, 2010.  “Accu-Lab, Inc”  888 N Cole Rd, Nancy Cladis, incorporator C189319. Same address as the probation office! 

Is anyone at all monitoring ACMPS?  It has come to my attention that just before offenders are to be released from their misdemeanor probation sentence, a “dirty Urinalysis” or two pop up from months in the past.  All the U.A.’s are from Global Drug Testing.  GDT has a history of hiring under trained staff to handle this part of supervision.  U.A.’s are recorded wrong into the system and reported falsely to ACMPS, false positives are increasingly growing especially as offenders reach their sentence satisfaction. 

One individual in particular, just before her release off of probation came up “dirty” six times, but these six ua’s were never mentioned prior to the month before her release.  She paid the required $35 to have all six retested, and the p.o. only left her alone, after she threatened to take ACMPS back to court and speak with the press.  There are thousands of people on misdemeanor probation in Boise. Are the majority of these people going to be violated and put right back onto probation just before their sentences are finished? 

Some individuals are tested up to 4 times per week, at a minimum of $10 per test.  People do make mistakes, and need to pay for their crimes, but how much can a person, and their
family, be squeezed before ACMPS are satisfied.  It is turning into a very dangerous revolving door, but not due to re-offending, it is mostly due to the p.o.’s seeking more revenue and claiming wrongdoing on the part of the probationer.

Offenders can’t find out the (identity of) the secondary company who re-tests the “dirty” u.a.’s, it is all wrapped in mystery, none of their business.  What can be done?  This privately run organization does not have checks and balances against corruption in place. Offenders are at the behest of the director and her p.o.’s.

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  1. This is just sick. Can’t wait to hear the whitewash defenders of this merry-go-round.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    May 24, 2011, 10:17 pm

    This certainly does NOT pass the smell test. If I were a court or police officer I would most certainly not want a drug test to be conducted and evaluated by a private for-profit company. If the courts can not provide their own drug testing then an appropriately certified testing agency should do so, with the ordered test results given directly to both the parolee and the appointed court officer. This would be consistent with the court-ordered drug counseling program(s), and, perhaps, a part of the same process.
    There are just too many opportunities for mischief to take place in the scenario presented in this story. Rehab, it is supposed to be about rehab, not about profits. Protecting society means protecting people from such a crass and blatant money taking situation.

  3. Dr Spiegelvogel
    May 24, 2011, 11:11 pm

    Want another story? Check into Ada County bail bond companies that on the books owe ten of thousands dollars to the County but are only actually paying about 20% of the bonds they guaranteed after the charged didn’t appear.

    Here is how it worked in another good old boy jurisdiction:
    Lax collection with a wink and nod… followed by timely campaign contributions.

    EDITOR NOTE– We did check and the 4th district court administrator reports there are no outstanding funds with regard to bail bonds. All have been paid or exonerated by the court.

  4. We can only hope that when this BS comes to an end, the people involved don’t get “Probation”!!!

  5. Still stumps me how they think a for-profit company can do a better job of probation, prisons, jails etc. than a not-for-profit government unit for less money. Duh, if they do it right, they have the same expenses as the state or county, and then add on the profit for the company. If they are doing it for less, then they’ve gotta be skimping on things or cheating or something.
    And that’s exactly what many jurisdictions are finding out about the private prisons — they save money by not training guards properly, not having enough guards, not providing the prisoners what they’re suppose to provide, including supervision and medical care.
    And what staff remains at the Daily Paper simply does not have the time or inclination to investigate stuff; hence the plethora of press-release stuff, fluff, etc.
    Yeah, they’ve been doing some good stuff, but the quantity is slipping. Of course, the fact that the paper itself has shrunk so much that there wouldn’t be room for the other news if they could and did cover it doesn’t help.

  6. Do you think the goverments just don’t worry any more knowing there’s no news media to uncover there garbage. Who’s out there to let the public know? Sure isn’t the local newspaper or TV or radio.

  7. No Robert, I don’t think that at all. What I honestly think is that we have truly inept people running these types of “businesses”!!! The lack of taxpayer funded oversight is just criminal!!

  8. This is what you people deserve when you support a puritanical drug war. Why do you think Califonia has 133,000 prisoners in a system designed for 80,000? Why do you think Idaho has a 175 million dollar prison budget and gets increases every year by the legislature? Why in the hell do you have urinalysis in the first place? Who cares? I got an idea, let’s set up a system that can keep people entangled for very long periods of time. We can bleed them of all kinds of time and money, as well as bleed the taxpayers, and then shout from the hilltops about the devil weed and how we kept the citizens safe from the scourge of dirty urine. Yeah, that’s it. You voters get exactly what you deserve and nothing less. How about another law, like say, felony animal cruelty, we’ll get the voters to pass it, then we can get support from the bar, the prison companies, the cops, attorney general, and the rest of the puritans, we can arrest people and test their urine. Then we can build more wings to the prison, hooray.

  9. Thank you Guardian for this article. My adult son in currently on probation for his 2nd DUI. Yes he was guilty and had done his time and paid his fine and everything else the court ordered. His probation is monitored by the Misdemeanor probation services company. He is assigned a color for a Random drug screen. He is required to call Global testing every day of the week and see if his color is up. If Global testing calls his color, it is another ten bucks for the urine test. One week, his color came up three times in 6 days. Since he has no job, I am paying for the testing. Trying to keep him out of jail and off the taxpayers expense. If Nancy Cladis succeeds in being able to do her own testing, she will be able to decide how many times the person should be tested. That is a major conflict of interest. The county Commissioners should never allow this. This whole system is just crap. IT is set up to keep the offender in the system and not allow him to get out. My son has done everything he was court ordered to do. But they have it set up to where they just bleed him (me) for money to take numerous “random” drug tests under threat of a probation violation. Oh, I forgot to mention that every time he meets with his “probation officer” it costs $50.00.

  10. Ada County Juvenile corrections has been exposed for providing so called “community service” to private for profit companies. In essence, slave labor. The Guardian exposed this. All the Ada County director got was a reprimand from the county commissionsers. They just move on to the next profitable gig making money for their friends.

  11. Accessdenied
    May 25, 2011, 11:09 am

    This is exactly what happened to a family member of mine: The “dirty” UAs popping up close to the end of his probation, being told months afterwards, knowing that Global Drug Testing throws away their UA samples after 90 days so they cannot be challenged or re-tested. No wonder the recidivism rate is so high: It pays Nancy Cladis to keep it that way. I heard somewhere that her license plate actually reads “DENIED,” but I don’t really know. After reading this, I actually called Nancy and tried to talk with her about my friend’s UA results and getting a copy of what they actually read, what the UA read “dirty” for. I also asked her why the probationers are not allowed to have, read, or see anything regarding their results since they pay for each one. Answer? She hung up on me. Who do I go to for help when the probation officer and the director have a system set up to fail those who really are trying just so they can make a profit or pad a reputation? Does anyone know who I can talk to about this? Respectfully submitted …

  12. Great post Dave. This issue has been gnawing at me for years. I describe this aspect of the criminal justice system as a whirlpool, and anyone caught in it has a very hard time getting out. And you hit on the reason for it, a profit motive attached to assuring failure. People doing their time here become quickly cynical and lack any faith in our public institutions. And that is contagious.

  13. I wonder how much rent Nancy Cladis has to pay to park her “for profit” drug testing service at the Ada County Probation office? Will the commission look into this?
    Probably not.

    EDITOR NOTE–The office is probably privately owned and/or rented. We do not know.

  14. Time for FBI not the local fuzz.

  15. The location of Nancy Cladis business is on private property. I do not know if she owns it or rents it. To be clear, she only does misdemeanor probation. Her company does not do juveniles,or felony probation. Real probation officers that have had training service the felons and juveniles. Cladis is assigned second time DUI’s or other misdemeanor crimes that the judge sentences to SUPERVISED probation. So, if you are sentenced to supervised probation for misdemeanor petit theft, say a 2nd offense, she will get the job from the court. Then the “random” drug testing will start for a non drug related crime. Makes no sense to me. Maybe Vern Blisterfeldt can shed some light on the arrangement and practice of drug testing everyone.

  16. former employee
    May 27, 2011, 10:06 am

    I worked for Nancy Cladis for many years. I think that it is amazing that she has had this “FOR PROFIT” organization for as many years as she has. She is a (DELTED) women who does not really have to answer to anyone about anything. She has the judges and the commisioners so fooled that she is the best person for the job and all along she wants to line her pockets.

    She expects the probation officers she hires to supervise hundreds of cases a month and hundred of UA’s a month and there is not enough time in a month to even come close to being able to meet that expectation. She is robbing the offender, the probation officer and the county of what probation is all about.

    She has a quarter of the case load she makes her officers carry and she has a full time assistant. She herself only works one day a week. I am glad to see that people are speaking publicly about this!!! It is time to expose this for what it really is!!! Please feel free to email or post questions and I will respond.

    EDITOR NOTE–You might start by answering some of Fred’s concerns…for the record, if the GUARDIAN says something, it is a fact. If we say information came from an offender, it is a FACT. Same with talking to coppers about their concerns. COMMENTS from readers are just that and we edit only for name calling and outright known misstatements. We provide a forum and it should be viewed as coming from outside the GUARDIAN itself.

  17. Did the Guardian bother to interview the “the confused coppers” or the “Ada Commishes” that received the texts? How about Nancy Cladis and Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Services? What about Smeg’s son that is on his SECOND DUI? Possibly he is required to check in because he keeps having positive UAs. Are these allegations all made from the folks on probation or their parents who instead of making their kids accountable are still enabling them by throwing money and excuses at them? What about people becoming accountable for their own actions instead of blaming anything but themselves? Wow a fine bit of journalism people.

  18. It’s too bad but most of Idaho’s rank and file probably support this kind of crime fighting corruption.

    I seriously doubt anything will happen. A mere oversight.

  19. Fred makes my point!

  20. I can only speak to what I know first hand and I apologize for insulting anyone. Anything that may go on at a management or political level is beyond my knowledge and ability to apply common sense.

    I know that at the Probation Officer level there ARE people who care, and who make a difference in the lives of their clients and hold them (us) accountable. If one listens to them, I know for a fact that they will go out of their way to help you succeed, the kicker (I found) is that you have to try to help yourself. The P.O. can’t and won’t do it for you.

  21. That Dog is my point!

  22. Accessdenied
    May 27, 2011, 2:41 pm

    Although my offender has had a second DUI, I am his worst critic. I can honestly say he has been doing and paying everything to restitute what he has done. Since the “system” and Nancy Cladis are doing what they can to get my offender to pay more, cower to their threats of time hanging over his head, and never releasing any details about positive, negative, or retested UA results, I’ve learned something recently. My offender can file a motion to the courts for a change of venue. This means he can petition the judge to change where he gets his UAs done at. That means he can get the finite details of EVERY drug test by the testing facility of his choice in the area, not the one(s) run by Nancy Cladis. My informant also said he has never known anyone to not have had this motion approved by a judge. Yay! Goodbye, Nancy . . .

  23. Hey Fred,
    Just to clarify your imagination, my son has not had one dirty UA. He has completed EVERYTHING the sentencing judge ordered. I have no complaints about his sentence. He even completed intensive out patient rehab at MY COST which is above and beyond what the court ordered. He deserved what he got. But the system should not be set up to continually F*&k with the probationer. I fail to see how you feel I am enabling my son when I agreed with all the judge sentenced him to, and spent my own money to keep him from costing taxpayer money by further stupid actions on his part. You should not assume so much!!!

  24. ACLU and FBI. No I’m not kidding, that’s what they are for.

  25. Same old same old
    May 30, 2011, 7:57 am

    Cladis had the contract for years. Finally someone made a complaint cause it had not gone out to bid. Ada then put it out on the street. I don’t think it was a formal bid process. Maybe a request for proposals or some such. Then, no surprise, they chose Cladis as the best fit. So she continues in the position. That she now is trying to make more money onthe drug testing shoudl shock no one. She thought she had carte blanche from the commissioners.

  26. Perhaps the examination should be focused on whether there has ever been, or currently is, any personal relationship beteween Cladis and a court official…then track the expansion of her bail bonds, community service, probation and now drug testing services.

  27. The main question here is are there systematic UA abuses in order to keep probationers in a for profit program. If so, put the offenders in prison. (How do you think they will do in the general population?) Karma could be a real bitch!

  28. It's about time!
    May 31, 2011, 10:38 am

    Nancy Cladis lives in a multi-million dollar estate in Eagle. She has certainly won the taxpayer’s jackpot. Thanks, Ada County Commissioners. I’ll remember all this on election day.

  29. Could we hear (anonymously, of course)from some former or current employees of ACMPS? The inside scoop would be most interesting. It seems the commissioners should be listening to them as well.

    EDITOR NOTE–I believe one of the earlier commenters has offered to take questions as a former employee.

  30. Is the contract between Ada County and ACMPS public record? I would very much like to know what is in the contract and how much ACMPS is paid to provide misdemeanor probation services. Does anyone know? Can I go down to the courthouse and ask for a copy?

    EDITOR NOTE–It is indeed a public record. You can ask the Commishes office. Call them at 287-7000 for details or visit

  31. Accessdenied
    Jun 1, 2011, 3:48 pm

    Many potential lawsuits against any Idaho city, county, or state governments have been dismissed due to not exhausting all grievance procedures and going through the proper chain of command. I’ve tried to e-mail the county commissioners, but their e-mail listed on their website conveniently does not work. Like the CYA statement Idaho loves to adopt goes, “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.” Can anyone tell me what the proper grievance procedure is to make a compliant about a probation officer or it’s director before beginning a lawsuit?

    EDITOR NOTE–This should get to the commishes [email protected] or call 287-7000.

  32. I was released off of probation on 7-22, made arrangements w/ p.o to pay last $300 of a $2,760 bill, $2,460 already being paid. I get a NASTY letter saying that “I have failed to pay the total amoint of probation fees due.” For one I have not “Failed” to do anything & I WAS intending on paying it but you can go suck an egg for all I care. Sincerely, Holly C.

  33. I had been on Probation for 1 yr & 9 mo. & had 3 months left!
    I had done EVERYTHING required of me including 12-15 monetary punishments from the court! I had completed EVERYTHING!!
    I was on a weekly US basis & had clean UA’s for OVER a year & 1/2..
    All the sudden, I was told that my UA’s have been coming back DILUTED!!
    I quit drinking water before UA’s & was now eating immediatly before!!
    I had been warned that if this happened again, I could face a Probation Violation or to put the $800 SCRAM bracelet on!
    I had done EVERYTHING to avoid being DILUTED!!!
    They were SIMPLY trying to get more $$$ out of me right before I was scheduled to get off of probation!!
    Has ANYONE else had problems with Diluted UA’S at Global Drug testing on Orchard??
    I have talked to a few girls in there that have said that they have as well!!
    I am doing the BEST I have ever been doing in my life & on the total straight & narrow!!!
    Thought it was INNOCENT until proven guilty!! I even offered to do a hair folicle test!
    Also, I am not only on a weekly UA but RANDOMS!! How in the hell would I make it through a year a half if I were USING!!!
    In case anyone is wondering, my original charge was a DUI 2 yrs ago, I blew barley over although it is now excuse but I HAVE learned my lesson..
    Advice ANYONE???
    I also have Graves Disease which is a Thyroid Gland Disorder, and after researching found this to possibly be a cuplrit as my disease throws ALL of my levels off.
    OFF probation now, corrupt p.o.s’s!

  34. After being railroaded into taking a deal I could have easily beaten in court, had someone taken the tome to read to read the police report. I had to be out of jail to make my daughters wedding (they kept pushing my court days out to force me to play lets make a deal to make the wedding).

    Now on probation the same train is still running. My PO doesn’t care about the truth, she is trying to put me in programs NOT EVEN RELATED TO THE CASE. On my first meeting with her I had to show her she was wrong as she tried to put me in an alcohol program. I wasn’t drunk, didn’t even drink, wasn’t in the report. Seems the system is full of one verse Charlies.

    They fail to read the whole case, pick a word and build their own stories. They do what they can, right or wrong, to put you in their system as long as they can, spreading the wealth around town. Kickbacks? their has to be some answer to all the misconduct. God doesn’t make stupid people. I feel helpless and sorry for all the others I read about.I read a lot about known legal system problems known to Idaho, IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT! you’re dealing with people’s lives, it’s not Lets Make a Deal or a numbers game IDIOTS!!!!

  35. I have never supported privatized misdemeanor probation. I believe in limited government, but probation is a service that falls within the limited scope of things that “we” should handle ourselves.

    There are three people on my Board. It will take one more vote to eliminate privatized misdemeanor probation in Ada County, which I believe is feasible at the end of the current contract term in 2012. Phone calls and letters to the Board are helpful. The e-mail address is [email protected] and the phone number is (208) 287-7000.

    The county’s spam filter sometimes catches legitimate correspondence that we might not always find, so if you do not receive a response within a week, please try again. Thank you.

  36. I was charged with shoplifting a movie from Walmart. I bought a whole cart of groceries and a $200 car stereo. Unfortunately the movie was under my purse. I am on probation and have to go to global drug testing. I asked why I had to go since I do not drink or do drugs anymore since I quit in 1991 after a Dui. I was told everyone has to go.

  37. Continued…I am worried now about my tests! How am I suppose to defend myself if this happens to me? I was told by a bailsbond person that 95% of her business came from probation violations and if at all possible go for more jail time rather than supervised misdemeanor probation because they love to hand out violations left and right and its hard to get ahead.

  38. I am writing an investigative article on Idaho’s criminal justice system. It is my intent to expose the abuse of power and unethical practices of the authorities of the state.

    I am interested in all cases involving police misconduct, unjust/harsh sentences imposed, probation and parole misconduct, wrongly convicted persons, judges presiding over unfair and tainted trials, paroled denied for no just cause, anything related to the criminal justice system of Idaho.

    Please email me [email protected] ( I am not affiliated with the criminal justice system in anyway and all communication will be kept confidential).

    Please, understand that I am not writing an opinion piece. All information must be able to be verified but you need not be identified in the article if you so choose.

    Thank you for your help.

  39. Nicole, Perhaps you should start with the Chief of the HiWay Patrol overruling the Idaho Supreme Court on Friday.

  40. This along with privatized prisons are two of the biggest violations of our constitutional rights currently happening. I received a DUI three years ago and elected to take additional fines/community service to avoid the corrupt probation system (which my attorney was quick to point out was in fact corrupt). As pointed out earlier the drug war (which was lost in the 70’s) only serves to perpetuate this problem. Most people will dismiss these claims as the guilty trying to get out of their punishment (as others in this thread have). However when the naysayers make a mistake they will learn for themselves…

  41. Zippo

    Can you give more info? I am haveing a hard time understanding what you mean since Idaho does not have a Hiway patrol, we have a State Police.

  42. BuffaloSoldier
    Sep 25, 2011, 7:38 pm

    I know a PO that works for Ada County Probation and they are not the evil ones. They are stuck being forced doing what Nancy Cladis says to do. Their hands are tied and even if they feel that something is not right they have to do what they are told or lose their job. There needs to be some oversight into this company!

  43. If Cladis employs the people who violate probationers, and if she is still in the bail business and she profits from bailing them back out, that sounds like a conflict of interest and possibly something worthy of a class-action lawsuit. But that’s just my first impression, I don’t really know anything.

    How unprofessional, unethical, and how low you have taken yourself to put Nancy Cladis down. First of all you might not support privatized misdemeanor probation because you would not even be able to handle being in Nancy’s shoes for 30 days. How in the hell do you think you would handle clients that need help? It is unprofessional to ask for people’s letters or e-mails so that you can end misdemeanor probation. I challenge you to go to Nancy Cladis at misdemeanor probation and become a probation officer for 30 days, especially with the high risk offenders and then judge what Nancy has done for her clients.

    You have stirred the pot for 10 years and I just hope you get voted out from the commissioners. Just for the record, Sharon and to all that don’t have an idea of what Nancy has done for client’s that come thru the door because they have committed a crime here it is. Nancy has gone the extra mile for her clients; none of the probation officers are obligated to be working for her. The once that are still there it’s because they like what they do, also because they are able to help clients change their life’s around.

    Do you think Sharon Ullman would go the extra mile for clients? Ada County misdemeanor probation was awarded ATR funding for client that have drug & alcohol problems, so they can get help to pay for their treatment and UA’s, without a single cost to the clients. I was informed that Nancy Cladis was the first one to use up ALL the slots to help clients pay for treatment. OH BUT nobody talks about the good things Nancy Cladis does for her clients and employees. On the other hand for those that have been talking about the UA’s, Nancy does not make any profit out of UA’s she refers clients to UA at Global and for each UA that is preformed there Nancy does not get anything in return.

    So get your information STRAIGHT. In my point of view Sharon is jealous of Nancy Cladis, because Nancy has worked hard to be where she is at right now, and Sharon always needs help from others that is why she is requesting e-mails and letters because she can’t do it on her own.

  45. Responding to the last post. The ONLY person who would have posted that last post would be Nancy.

  46. It sounds like Sharon is the only one who has taken the time to expose Nancy Cladis for who she really is!! After working for Nancy Cladis for many years I know first hand that she is not working as hard as she wants people beleive. She has maybe 50 offenders and has a full time assistant do ALL of her work!!!!! She shows up to the office maybe once a week intimidate her staff and offenders!!!! She strolls in to court to make herself look good in front of the judges when all along she is paying some underqualified young girl to do all her your and make her look good!!! Thank you Sharon for all you have said and in no way are you unprofessional!! It is truly nice to expose Nancy Cladis and her “for profit” organization it is!!!!!!

    EDITOR NOTE–A caution to future comments. Do NOT degenerate to personal attacks. Let’s keep the discussion focused on facts please.

    Sep 30, 2011, 11:39 am


  48. No, I am not Nancy. She is not the kind of person that comments on things like this. As to “REALLY”, Nancy does not have 50 offenders she has more than that. She is cleaning the s#*t you let behind. It is ridiculous to read your post saying you worked for Nancy for many years and why don’t you talk about the things she did for you? As to her assistant the information I have she is not under qualified because she knows the ends and outs of probation. Do you have a degree that might make you better than any employee that works at probation? all you can see is the negative things people say, BUT why not talk and post the good things she ‘s done?

  49. Come on people do you think that there is no money making in the game of supervising offenders. Let the county run the program and make some money for other departments that are in need. I have heard that family members work for Ada County Probation and that should be a conflict of interest. What are your thoughts?

    EDITOR NOTE–No problem with the county running the county probation, but NO government should be “making a profit.” Covering costs and making offenders pay for the cost of administering a program is fine, but NOT for profit.

  50. Is this a joke?
    Sep 30, 2011, 3:56 pm

    So I was asked by my probation officer today to fill out this card asking if I wanted supervised probation to b run by run by a private company or by the county and if I wanted it run by the county did I want the courts to run it or the sheriffs office. What is this?? I’m here because I commited a crime and am paying my dues so to speak. But I’m getting pressured into taking their side. Can I really give my honest answer when I have to fill it out in front of my PO , sign it and give it back to them? What r my consequences going to b if I don’t side with them? Seems to me that this place is just a money machine and it SHOULD be run by the county. Hell for all I no they r filling out the cards themselves and putting whatever they want on them. But rather then facing consquences for the “wrong answer” I just put down what they apparently wanted to hear. That place is a joke!!

  51. Take this to the commisioners.

  52. Wow, I had no idea there were websites like this, just found another called F__k the Boise City Police Department. Most replying sound like disgruntled ex-employees or people who have no faith in law enforcement or the criminal justice system. It does not seem to matter if it is run by government or privately. I for one, am thankful we have law enforcement officers and a criminal justice system to protect our community.

    Every organization has employees that come and go. Unfortunately, some end up like a bad divorse with agressive anger and blaming others. They find websites to vent. Others just do not know facts and love a scandal. We can not control what others say or do.

    Do websites like this not care what the facts are before printing an article. No one called me or came to Ada Probation asking any questions.

    I’ll try to answer most of the comments written.
    I sold a bail bond business in 1998 and have no profits coming from bail bonds.
    I do not have a drug testing facility at Ada County Probation and there has never been a profit for drug testing. In fact it has been an expense as we have issued many vouchers for indigent probationers having no money to ua at a lab. 98% go to labs in Boise we have no affiliation with.

    Earlier this year, the Idaho Misdemeanor Probation Planning Committee was presented by a drug testing facility offering equipment to probation offices across the state to perform their own ua’s at a lower cost to probationers. Officials in Ada County were also present. Others, including Ada County were impressed with this offer. Ada County Probation did indeed persue this using the name Accu-Lab, but it was never used after the negative comments were received.

    Labs in Boise charge from $10 to $90 for a test. This equipment could have performed tests for $7.50. One of the Probation Officers role in supervising offenders is testing offenders and referring for appropiate treatment when needed. 80% of our case load is alcohol or drug related crimes and it is our job to identify ones abusing drugs or alcohol. Do we want to allow a Dui offender to continue to drink and possibly drive again to harm others? Many DUI’s result in accidents and death.

    Issuing probation violations does not keep an offender in the system. They are entitled to a PV hearing to prove or deny allegations of their violations. A judge determines the appropiate sentence, not probation. Often they are returned to jail with revocation of probation or they are given another chance on probation, but it does not extend probation from the original sentence.

    New legislation this year resulted in Misdemeanor probation officers attending POST ACADEMY to become certified peace officers. Five officers in Ada County have succcessfully graduated and the remainder will attend this next year.

    As for a corrupt privatized misdemeanor probation office, this simply is not true. It is overseen by the BOCC, the trial court administrator, prosecutors, judges and others. These are very intelligent people that would not allow this.

    Just one year ago, several new proposals were submitted to Ada County for misdemeanor probation. It is not a multi million dollar contract. After a complete investigation of probation and votes from many members of the judicial system, Ada County Misdemeanor Probation was again awarded with the contract and signed by all three commissioners.

    Moving on, I am retiring from Misdemeanor Probation in one year and it will be placed under county government. We are proud of the work we all do at probation and the success stories we have witnessed.

    As for the survey cards, there is absolutely no obligation to ever fill out surveys. If a probation officer made you feel uncomfortable with this, please let me know and I will talk to that officer. We do surveys daily at misdemeanor probation. Most all agree to fill out their exit surveys also (15,000 of them). This enables us to learn from the probationers what works and what does not work. Most other organizations and departments do surveys also.

    If I was unable to answer any comments, I would be happy to respond if it is not hostile. The doors are always open at probation and we welcome non hostile individuals to tour probation and answer questions you might have.

    In reviewing this POST it appears about 25 different people responded. I guess I feel a little better there are 500,000 plus citizens in Ada County and 19,000 probationers going through misdemeanor probation that did not have negative things to say.

  53. This is a joke!!
    Oct 1, 2011, 9:04 am

    The comissioners have all the info they need!! only one is willing to do anything about it!!!!

  54. This “survey” is a feeble attempt to blow her own horn. Nancy Cladis has a well known hatred for Sheriff Rainey and is grasping at straws at this point to keep him and his police department from taking control of ACMPS. it is also a fact that she has family members working for her, one being her daughter (convicted felon) and the other being her nephew who also resides with her. And I’m willing to bet that ANYBODY could do Nancy’s job, considering she has an assistant (Jessica) do 90% of the work. Which, on a personal note, Jessica, the proper wording is “ins and outs”, not “ends and outs”. Be careful with your grammar, as many have seen Nancy chastise and humiliate her employees for grammatical mistakes.

    EDITOR NOTE–Disclaimer. The GUARDIAN provides the forum for discussion, but has no way to verify the accuracy of comments.

  55. Holly C. Go tell the collections agency to suck an egg because thats where the $$ will go. It isnt going to hurt anyone but you.

  56. “TRUTH” I have NOT commented anything on this blog until today. So make sure you correct the person who posted the blog and not me. I don’t have anything to hide. I am always straight forward about things. I know who you are, but it looks like you are afraid to use your real name why is that? If I ever need to speak my mind about anything, I do it face to face using my REAL name and not on a blog.

  57. There are simply too many grammatical mistakes NOT to be you Jessica. Truth be told, from what I’ve heard you don’t have a problem speaking your mind, as everybody at ACMPS has had the pleasure of hearing you talk….and talk and talk and talk about anything you deem appropriate at that moment. However, I understand your position, and why you defend Nancy, as your job relies on it, many have been there. It is a bit ironic, albeit, that so many complaints about being her assistant came from your mouth and you’re singing such a different tune now. In either case, I and many others are simply using this forum as a way to open the publics’ eye and inform them of several injustices that are happening with your place of employment, specifically in regards to Nancy Cladis.

  58. Caught on Flypaper
    Oct 2, 2011, 11:17 am

    I was one who went through the ADMPS and this was my experience. The whole thing is a money-racket. I had a measly disturbing the peace charge and received 2 years of probation. In those 2 years I had to pay $50 a month for a 3 minute monthly visit with the PO. This is called the “Supervision Fee.” I had to do UA’s twice a month (at $20 each) and neither alcohol nor drugs were ever involved in my “disturbing the peace charge” for making a “loud and boisterous noise”. I never had a dirty (positive) UA, though I did have a “false positive” due to something in my diet. They tried to give me a probation violation for it until I went to the lab, paid them another $35 to retest the specimen, and it came back negative. Hence, they dropped the probation violation charge. Note, I saw people in Court who had POSITIVE tests for opiates and they were just given warnings. There is no consistency to the system.

    Then, I had to take all of these silly classes. They were all once a week. This meant 3 CLASSES A WEEK. Total cost WEEKLY for these classes? $67. Grand total for making a “loud and boisterous noise?” Roughly, $358/month for 2 years. Do the math. Now, fortunately I have a job and was able to pay all of this. But, that was one expensive “loud and boisterous” sound that I made.
    For the record, Cladis has a rep of being a full on Probation Nazi. I think she is hard because she likes to keep people on the rolls because it increases her income. Total conflict of interest.
    I was contacted by a 3rd party company from WA wanting me to fill out a survey of the entire system. I refused to do so for fear of being retaliated against because I was still on probation.

  59. Caught on Flypaper
    Oct 2, 2011, 12:17 pm

    Nancy, probationers don’t say negative things because they are either unaware of this article or they are still on probation and don’t want to get assigned to a Cognitive Self Change class, at a cost of $80/month for at least 6-9 months, in order to force them to agree with your opinions.
    The entire experience with your office was a living nightmare. I was never much of a drinker. After having gone through your “program” and all of the stupid classes I now find myself drinking quite a bit more than I ever did just because of all the stress you put me through. Congratulations!

  60. Just Being Curious
    Oct 2, 2011, 1:24 pm

    I’m curious. Can the commissioners look into this indigent fund that supposively helps probationers pay for their UA’s? I’m just wondering if the indigent fund actually contributes to the multiple cosmetic surgeries that Nancy has had over the years (like breast enhancement, face lifts, and new veneers). No wonder I hear from people in the community that she cares more about the collection of money then the actual offenders! She’s got to pay for her looks somehow, why not use taxpayers money? Just wish I would have thought of this 10+ years ago-sounds like a great gig!

  61. Caught in Flypaper
    Oct 2, 2011, 4:33 pm

    Holly C.,

    I was on probation for 2 years. I had the same issue with diluted UAs once they changed labs. When my PO told me that i needed to not drink water I asked her right to her face, “are you giving me medical advice? (i.e. practicing medicine without a license).” That ended the conversation. I would say that 50% of my UAs from that point on were diluted. Not intentionally, I’m an active person, eat a healthy diet and live an active lifestyle. I drink the recommended amount of water a day (8 glasses), if not more. They would have had a massive lawsuit on their hands if they tried to violate me for drinking water.
    I offered to give blood tests and they ignored the offer. I had nothing to hide. She just accepted that I’m a properly hydrated person. Good luck in Court telling a jury that I was ordered to intentionally dehydrate myself! I WISH they would have pushed that one. I’d be living in a multi-million dollar estate right now!

  62. To Just Being Curious-
    You have every right to question how Nancy runs her company as she is paid with your taxes via the County’s contract. But Nancy has a right to do with her income what she pleases and exposing her cosmetic surgeries is just plain mean and vindictive. Stick to the facts as they apply to the posts and don’t lower yourself to character assassination. We all deserve some privacy and dignity regardless of how others feel about us.

    EDITOR NOTE–We agree and frankly missed that one. Folks, please stick to the facts regardless of which side you take.

  63. Also curious
    Oct 3, 2011, 1:36 pm

    Indigent fund?? Is this where her probation officers get to travel to court in their own vehicles,use their own gas and insurance and Nancy Cladis gets to turn in a subpoena to the courts and they pay her? She then says it goes to a indigent fund that no offender is eligible for? The comissioners should check into how many people she has found to be indigent.

  64. There is a misconception that Nancy Cladis is receiving “county funds” in exchange for providing misdemeanor probation services in Ada County. In fact, in Ada County, misdemeanor probation is supported through fees charged to the probationers rather than tax dollars. The basic monthly supervision fee has a statutory maximum, although there is some legal uncertainty as to whether that monthly fee is intended to cover all drug and alcohol testing, classes, monitoring devices, etc. The fees charged cannot, statutorily, be used to fund other county services.

  65. Sharon,

    I’d like some clarification on this because I was paying almost $400/month during my 2 year stint on probation. This was while being the sole earner in my family and supporting 4 people. To say it was a struggle is an understatement.

  66. Here is a question for you Sharon. I was sentenced to probation and had another case pending. When my second case was resolved, I was sentenced to 90 days in jail. My PO charged me $50 a month WHILE I WAS IN JAIL. I told her I was going, she never conducted a jail visit, and yet I was charged a “supervision fee” for three months that I was not supervised. Can they do that legally? I don’t see how they can force me to pay for “services” that weren’t rendered

  67. Fees ~ Idaho Code 31-3201D states, in part, “County misdemeanor probation supervision fee. (1) Any person under a supervised probation program for a misdemeanor offense shall be required to pay an amount not more than the maximum monthly felony probation or parole supervision fee set forth in section 20-225, Idaho Code, per month, or such lesser sum as determined by the administrative judge of the judicial district, as a misdemeanor probation supervision fee. Any failure to pay such fee shall constitute grounds for the revocation of probation by the court, but this shall not be the exclusive remedy for its collection. The court for good cause may exempt a person from the payment of all or any part of the foregoing fee.”

    Idaho Code 20-225 states, in part, “Payment for cost of supervision. Any person under state probation or parole supervision shall be required to contribute not more than seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per month as determined by the board of correction. Costs of supervision are the direct and indirect costs incurred by the department of correction to supervise probationers and parolees, including tests to determine drug and alcohol use, books and written materials to support rehabilitation efforts, and monitoring of physical location through the use of technology.”

    The question arises as to whether only the FEE of $75 is referenced with regard to misdemeanor probation, or the rest of that section of code, as well. If the whole section of code applies to misdemeanor probation, then a lot of people are likely paying more than statutorily allowed. If only the dollar figure for supervision applies, then ACMPS appears to be in compliance. The figure was $50 until July 1 of this year, when a legislative change brought it up to $75.

  68. Help ~ I am not an attorney and, therefore, cannot give legal advice or provide a legal opinion. In my personal and professional opinion, however, the situation as you presented it sounds pretty fishy to me.

  69. I.C. 20-255 (in relevant part):

    “…Costs of supervision are the direct and indirect costs incurred by the department of correction to supervise probationers and parolees, including tests to determine drug and alcohol use, books and written materials to support rehabilitation efforts, and monitoring of physical location through the use of technology.”

    It sounds like the total monthly cost for EVERYTHING is no more than $75. I think a class action suit is in order. I’m going to send them a demand letter and, if that fails, get an attorney for actual, as well as punitive, damages.

    If anyone wants to start a class action here post up.

  70. Okay, I’m not an attorney either. But, over the years I’ve learned to read the law.

    The clear reading of this statute is that $75 is the maximum that ACMPS can charge for “supervision” and it specifically states, “including tests to determine drug and alcohol use, books and written materials to support rehabilitation efforts, and monitoring of physical location through the use of technology.”

    Now, ACMPS ordered the UA’s via random calls or color codes. The classes, in my case, were ordered by the Court. Hence, not sure if recovery from them can be pursued successfully.

    My probation ended a before July of this year, hence every UA that I took caused my “supervision fee” to exceed $50/month since that is what I paid for my monthly visit. Thus, the UA fees should be an easy recovery.

    If anyone had a clas or evaluation that was ordered by ACMPS, and not simply recommended to the Judge and then the Judge (Court) ordered it, then I would surmise you could pursue recovery of that, too.

  71. as a former employee of Nancy I can vouge for most of this however not all of it. As for her willing to give a tour and ask questions. That is complete b.s.
    she would run you out of there so fast even if just trying to get her side. That woman loves to scream.She does galivant in once a week to scream at employslaves and probations to make her feel like she has just “helped” someone.

    EDITOR NOTE–Please stay on topic. How she runs her office is not a public concern. Let’s keep the discussion to how probationers and the county are treated.

  72. probationer2
    Oct 15, 2011, 5:02 pm

    I want to know why I am not able to get copies of my UA’s Nancy? I want to know why I can’t call and speak to my PO officer? Emailing my PO officer is not always the best form of communication! I pay you to so call “supervise me” I should be able to call there and get my questions answered… can you answer these questions for me.. since you stated that you are willing to answer questions and give tours of your place.?? Thanks

  73. Have you asked Global for a record of your UAs? You are paying them for a service. You have a contract with THEM. Seems to me like they should give you a UA log – maybe not every single time, and maybe you’d have to pay a printing fee or something.

    But my guess is Global would notify probation that you got that info.

  74. probationer2
    Oct 16, 2011, 12:26 am

    I think it’s funny how your stating I HAVE a contract with global drug testing…I have a CONTRACT with Nancy, who has a contract with THEM and she sends clients to them… I wasn’t ordered to have a contract through any testing lab.. but to simply report to PO and get my fines, class done! which are complete.
    I think my P.O should also be able to give me a UA log as well.. and as for the printing fee.. I give them enough money as it is, I should be able to view My information- with no fee! again it goes back to trying to make money, and suck people dry ! I wonder if it’s a PV if you request your information?!?

  75. probationer2
    Oct 16, 2011, 12:59 am

    Actually, I have a “CONTRACT” through Nancy, who Has a Contract with global drug testing. I shouldn’t have to ask them for a UA Log. I should be able to request one from my PO. as for the printing fee, I pay them enough as it is!- again, it goes back to making money, a sucking people dry!
    I was not ordered by the Judge to do testings. I was ordered to report to my PO, pay my fines, do my classes. which are complete. I was also not ordered to do Group sessions when meeting my PO. I pay 50 a month I should be able to have a private meeting/ get records from them..

  76. I went into the lab to get a copy of my UAs and was told that they could not give them to me because they were the property of ACMPS. They wouldn’t even give me a printout of the days I was there, the money I paid, or anything. They said to call ACMPS. They told me I’d have to subpoena them if I wanted them.

    Right now, I think ACMPS is on an obstructionist path in damage-control mode. The truth always comes out, though. And, if they falsify or perjure themselves over this issue it will only make their situation worse.

    Subpoena Duces Tecum… A powerful tool 🙂

  77. probationer2
    Oct 16, 2011, 9:40 pm

    FEES: thank you for that information. I was going to go in there and request the information from them. saves me the hassel of having to deal with them. I am going to request my information this week and see what kind of bull they come up with!

  78. probationer2
    Oct 16, 2011, 10:02 pm

    FEEs: Thank you for the information. Have you tried to obtain the information from ACMPS? I am curious to know if they were able to provide you with the information.

  79. Probationer2 – It cannot be a PV to request the information. A violation of probation has to be a violation of the specific terms of your probation. (Which makes it problematic that probation threatens violations for things which are not a term of the probation, like being employed or a student…)

    Yes, your PO SHOULD give you a copy. The reality is that the PO isn’t going to do anything that a probationer demands. Your attorney can cause stuff to happen, though. BUT, if you are doing well on probation, why not ask the PO for your UA results? If they don’t provide you that, post it on here.

    Just be aware that probation doesn’t want people rocking the boat. If you are trying to get your UA results and probation learns about it, my guess is they will put a target on you. Don’t miss the UA line or a payment or anything after that.

    I have represented tons of people on misdemeanor probation violations. Normal violations are:

    – PO contact
    – UAs
    – Fines/costs/restitution
    – Jail/SILD/SCS
    – Classes
    – New crimes
    – Employment

    I’m having to think hard to come up with any violation not on that list. And those are the basic things that the monthly check-in is about. Missed UAs? Paid fines? Finished class? Committed murder?

    I have never seen a PV for not paying the monthly cost of supervision, although I have had a bunch of clients tell me that probation tells them to pay COS first, THEN court stuff. That’s backwards and it creates a violation of probation.

  80. Nickolas Jennings
    Oct 17, 2011, 9:47 am

    Been struggling with this for 2.5 years. Transferred to different PO’s with no real plan to help me finish probation. Mixed messages. I’ve paid my debt ten fold, and am tired of playing the game. Out of money now, any lawyers out there wanting to do pro-bono work I could use the help.

  81. Nick:

    I don’t see any Ada case where you are on probation. If you are off probation you can still be a part of the class that Phil Gordon is suing on behalf of. Call his office.

    Misdemeanor probation is limited to two years per charge and I haven’t seen anything consecutive unless a felony is being reduced to a misdemeanor.

    If you are in violation of probation it is possible to “toll” the probation and thereby extend it at PV disposition, but most of the magistrates in Ada aren’t going to go out past the two years.

  82. Probationer2, my 2nd request was to ACMPS and they were the ones who told me to subpoena them, even though they knew I was off probation.

    They obviously know about all of this and are in obstructionist/protectionist mode.

    Personally, I hope they hide and falsify their records. I can substantiate 75% of it on my own. The labs will do the rest. Any discrepancy between our records will prove concealment on their part.

  83. Just for some information–a big reason they’re trying to steal client’s money is because they spend 60 bucks on these stupid spice tests that never come back positive anyways. it’s just a waste of money. since they began sending the tests in, they’ve raised cost of supervision, and seem to be giving more and more of them. it’s really frustrating to work your ass off and get nothing in return. the probation officers in moscow are just terrible. they don’t listen to you at all and you absolutely cannot go to them for help. i know this girl who just got her third spice test and hasn’t even failed one. she admitted to smoking spice once, didn’t even fail the test, did 2 days, and they are continuing to ua her all the time. sounds like a waste of money to me. and probationers wonder why c.o.s. went up. ridiculous. i dont know how some of them sleep at night. you work and work and work to do the right thing and it’s never good enough. it’s pretty discouraging. makes it even harder to stay sober. they send all the tests not done in the office to redwood toxicology, an advanced drug-testing lab, however, what’s the point of spending the money if the individual is doing well?


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