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Mayor Hotline May 14 to 20

ISSUE: She is trying to provide information on bath salts, but hasn’t had much luck with various agencies. She will not go to Ada County any more. Debbie Field, director of the Idaho Office of Drug Police, should be brought in to speak with the Mayor, Gary Raney and herself.

Elysia Ewing
2015 N. 29th St.
Boise, ID 83703
ISSUE: She called to get a smaller trash can because they recycle a lot and are unable to fill the big one even once a month. She feels she should be able to get her trash picked up once a month for less money, and feels Boise needs more incentives, like higher rates, to get people to produce less trash.

Deborah Bassett
ISSUE: She called earlier in the week and since then she’s received calls from the Governor’s line that are not so nice because there is corruption going on. The police told her to take her information and go home when she went to them. Everyone tells her to shut her mouth and not tell anybody; she doesn’t know who to trust and who to talk to any more.

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  1. Elysia, are you and Deb gettn’ into the bath salts?? Takes a real fruitloop to ask for higher trash rates! Will probably vote for Obama again too?

  2. I, like Elysia, NEVER fill my trashcan each week while neighbors’ are consistently overflowing by Friday. I think city rates should be dependent on how often residents use the services. I could get away with taking out the trash once a month, and I think higher rates for those who use the services more is completely appropriate. It would make people think twice about the insane amount of needless trash our society creates.

    EDITOR NOTE–Might offer some space to your neighbor–won’t cost you anything and the gesture could save the neighbor a few bucks. Besides you could then talk to them!

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