Parrish: From STATESMAN to STAR

Idaho Statesman publisher Mi-Ai Parrish joins the growing alumni list of former staffers as she leaves town after only 5 years at the helm of the Idaho’s largest newspaper, heading for the Kansas City Star.

In a twist of irony, we note the Statesman’s old press came from the Star, now the Star gets the Statesman’s old publisher–who is only 40. Her arrival in KC got much bigger play than the departure story in Boise.

In a brief announcement the Statesman said:

Idaho Statesman Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish will leave the newspaper to become publisher of the Kansas City Star.

The McClatchy Co., which owns both newspapers, announced Parrish’s promotion Tuesday.

Parrish, 40, has led the Statesman since shortly after the McClatchy Co. acquired the Statesman in 2006.

McClatchy is searching for a replacement in the weeks to come.

The GUARDIAN will gladly forward the resume’ of any serious applicants free of charge.

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  1. Great! The moment Tim retires, the rats start jumping ship!

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 14, 2011, 9:28 pm

    Some of us see sinister conspiracies EVERYWHERE. Cyclops, maybe you should look for communists in the Statesman parking lot.

  3. Who the crap cares? The StatesMAN is DeadMAN walking, anyway.

  4. What an inspiring story for young female (and male) journalists everywhere! How did this young woman become the publisher of Idaho’s largest newspaper at the age of 35 and achieve a major promotion to an even bigger newspaper at the age of 40? What is the secret of her success? What advice does she have for today’s journalists?

    Good luck at the Star, Mi-Ai, and here’s to freedom of the press!

    Kappa TA

    Member: Idaho Press Club
    Society of Professional Journalists

  5. Rod, as much as you post, I would think you would be a little more receptive to sarcasm. Have you seen the publisher of the Statesman? Not only must she be smart as a whip to have risen so fast, she is very attractive! I join KTA in wishing her well in Kansas City.

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